No, not exactly a marathon, though the annual London Marathon is happening just down the road and it means that we need to go west to avoid the runners and the crowds. So just the usual monthly Snail Stroll to encourage people new to street skating to try it. To that end, this week’s skate will be shorter and slower than our usual Sunday Stroll. Hope to see lots of new faces.

Last Snail this Year

Yes it’s the last Sunday of the month, that means Snail Stroll. Slightly slower, less inclines, hopefully fairly smooth, and shorter to encourage new street skaters. Though in London only the shorter and slower can be guaranteed! You still need to be able to stop,turn, and control your speed, without hanging on to a friend, another skater or a lamp post.

What the Dickens?

This route is an oldie that was originally created to link some historic Dickens’ sites. Can’t really remember any of them now. That’s old age! Anyway it takes us south of the river, a place where cabbies fear to go, so should be less hassle for the Marshals.

West End Snails

This Sunday sees our monthly Snail Stroll, designed to encourage those new to Street skating to give it a go. NOTE: Not new to skating; you must still be able to stop, turn and control your speed. It is however slower and shorter than usual, and most will be able to keep up and discover the pleasures of skating round this great city.

Easy Does it

This Sunday is our monthly “snail” stroll. They are shorter, slower and hopefully easier than your average stroll. They are intended to encourage people new to street skating to give it a try. NOTE: they are not for people new to skating; you still must be able to stop, turn and control your speed. So what are you waiting for? See you on Sunday!