Easy Does it

This Sunday is our monthly “snail” stroll. They are shorter, slower and hopefully easier than your average stroll. They are intended to encourage people new to street skating to give it a try. NOTE: they are not for people new to skating; you still must be able to stop, turn and control your speed. So what are you waiting for? See you on Sunday!

South Carriage Drive Doubled

I don’t know, you wait ages for a new Lead Marshal and then two come along at once! This week Canadian Roger takes the helm and leads us to Shepherds Bush and back. Slightly longer than the average Sunday Stroll, but what do you expect from a native of the North American Continent.

New Snail

You asked for it and here it is. New, Improved, Snail. The monthly skate for people who want to try street skating.

Smoother, shorter, slower. Nine out of ten cats, when asked, said their owners preferred it.

So what are you waiting for? Clean up those skates, make sure you can stop, turn, control your speed, and come and join us for one of the best free experiences in London.

A slight hitch

This week we are going in the opposite direction to the Friday night crew,  so that means North by Northwest round Hyde Park with half time in Queensway. We will never be that far from the park so if you are tempted to try a SS, and are fearful of not finishing; fear not; as you can always get back fairly easily to the park.

To the Paralympics

This week is a one way stroll to the Paralympic Park, well as close as the Security Guards will let us, so I am aiming for Victoria Park.

We are going there in order to accompany some crazy, heroic, French skaters; who are skating all the way from Paris, pushing several friends who are in wheelchairs. We need to give them a great London welcome!

Clerkenwell Old School

Prior engagements among the usual crowd this Friday has led former Lead Marshal Dan to come temporarily out of retirement and show us how it used to be done back in his day. If he can still remember how it used to be done back in his day, anyway. The route heads towards Clerkenwell and Shoreditch, with some long straight bits and some wiggly bits seldom seen since 2004.

We’re told that there are 22 men kicking an inflated pig’s bladder back and forth in Kiev, and that this may mean low numbers for the skate (but on the bright side, also less traffic on the roads :-). Please be aware that if there are insufficient marshals on the night, the skate will not go ahead. If you’re confident skating unmarshalled in traffic you might still find some other like-minded souls to join and skate anyway, but any such group is not associated with the LFNS.