Final Call: Maida Hill Market

Heeeeeeeeyyyaaaaaaa folks! For the lfns frequent roller diamond card holders the Maida Hill route should be familiar stuff. Please join us for one last dash to the market before we finish off the skating season later in December. Bring your friends and skates out and show Londoners how we roll through town!

Maida Hill Market

It is always good to leave the city for some fresh air in the west. We head towards Maida Hill Market for half time. We have run this route several times and we always wind up with joy, harmony and smiley skaters 🙂 Come join us for a nice Sunday afternoon out!

Clapham Cannonball Run

This Friday we return to the southwest for another Clapham Cannonball run. The route is one of our longer routes (14 miles), has lots of good surfaces and stretches where we get to test our strides a bit. It has ups, it has downhills, and lots of fun. There is not much traffic nor do we go through many traffic lights so the overall pace tends to be fairly consistent. Have fun and enjoy a great route!

Hyde Park Roundabout

Hi folks,


We did this route not too long ago, but it is fun, it is enjoyable and we get to see lots of different parts of London! From Hyde Park we go north, and do basically a big loop around the park. At Notting Hill Gate we will have a small break, before carrying on. We go down part of Kensington Church Street, however we go down at a controlled slow speed. Come out and join fellow Londoners on wheels while listening to the awesome music from our Asbox crew!

Clapham Cannonball Run!

Looking to burn off some of those chocolates you have been munching over Easter? Look no further!  The Clapham Cannonball Run is back. That means 14 miles of good fun, going up hills, down hills, and keeping a decent pace throughout.


As this is one of our longer Friday routes please ensure you show up before 8PM so we can leave promptly. Bring your skates out and have fun!


And no, this is no April’s Fool 🙂