The Sunday After Le Mans!

Still feeling the skating blues after Le Mans? Well it is time to get your skates back on and join us for the Stroll! We are doing a revised version of the Walk Along the Canals. The odd thing about planning routes in London is that road surface quality changes quickly, so although we are heading towards the canals we won’t actually skate along them much, because,…well…..the road surfaces are just that bad.

Bring your skates out, share your Le Mans stories, spread the word and get your friends to join in!

Notting Hill Madness Try 2….

Two Sundays ago the weatherman decided to change his mind after the weather call, so here we go again; Notting Hill Madness retake, also known as Hyde Park Roundabout. Only this time with a twist this time around as we will blitz past the Norwegian Embassy since the lead marshal thinks its a good idea to stop by his country’s embassy on its National Day 🙂

Sunday Notting Hill Madness

This Sunday we head back to Notting Hill, where else would you spend your beloved bank holiday Sunday? This route essentially goes around Hyde Park, and is a more challenging Sunday Stroll. You need to (as always) be able to control your speed on your own as we are going down a downhill on this route. Have fun and go mad!

Skate along the canals

Time for a new route! This time we head up to the canals to see how the canal boats are doing. Get your fun hat on and enjoy the skate! Remember to stay left, you skate on your own risk, and listen to the lovely marshals that are there to help run the skate smoothly and as securely as they can.

Carnival Madness

Prepare for a sizzling, latin infused Sunday Stroll! Hot off the heels of the Notting Hill Carnival we will skate around Hyde Park, where half time is south of the Carnival at Notting Hill Gate. Skate in the spirit of the festival and have a blast!

Please note that this route is a more advanced Sunday Stroll route, with up and downhills. It is also a longer route with expected return before 5PM.