Clapham Canonical

Get ready for the weekend, in style, as we head down south this Friday night to the homestead near the hill. In Anglo-Saxon times Clapham was known as Clopp + hām – home near hill. Who ever said that you didn’t get some smarts from skating eh?!! 😀

We’ve got a great route with a mix of just about everything including some brand spanking new, sooper smooth roads. In fact they are so new they are still being re-surfaced! Bring on Friday!

Oh, and just a reminder: it’s one week to to until:
Blitz Festival 2013

Fahrenheit Friday

Between the energy-sapping heat wave, outlandish thunderstorms (with extra lightening) and royal baby fever, at least one thing remains constant! The London Friday Night Skate. Join us for this weeks’ instalment of action, adventure and all good thrill-seeking fun.

The Sunday slide-away!

What a gorgeous day for a skate! Well, any day it’s not r*****g is GREAT for a skate. Some mild summer weather will hopefully accompany us past Victoria on our way South through Battersea park. Grab your summer gear and get to the start.

Oh, and don’t forget the picnic in Hyde park after the skate (weather permitting of course).

The SheBu Shake!

After a long week, what could be better than finding your weekend groove with the London Friday Night crew. Come along and join us as we jive our way to Shepherd’s Bush for a half time chillax. There’ll be some fast bits, some slow bits, some sexy bits – did I say that out loud? All in all the best way to unwind for your weekend! Yeah baby, yeah!