Down south(west) we go.

  1. Come join us for a jaunt down the south west, of zone 2 at least. There may not be surfing, but there will be fun times, sweet sounds and much merriment for all. Not to mention a cold beer after…… What are you waiting for.

Here Comes the Cavalry!!

Hello Skaters!

This Friday we head South, then East, the North and back West again across two bridges, some pretty sweet London roads and fun speedy straights. Get your selves ready for a fun on wheels Friday night!

PS. Who can spot the Horse? 😉

Not a Take it Easy Friday Skate!!!

Hello Skaters – Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a nice speedy skate to finish off the week. Expect, the good, the ugly and the awesome on this route that has been on the shelves for longer than it should have. So, clean up your bearings, get your legs ready and let’s have an awesome London Friday Night Skate!!!

Brixton Splash!

Waah gwaan mi skater massive? Dih skate a go sell off Friday! *BRAP BRAP!!* Movements we mek go Brixton, Bricky mi seh!

Fling on uh nuh skates, hol’ a vibe and come we enjoy dih road. Ah so dih ting set – full 100!!

Good day fellow skater friends, I do hope this message finds you well and in good health.  The skate this Friday is set to be enthralling!  We shall be heading to Brixton post haste, Yes, Brixton!

Adorn your skates, befitting attire and relish this scenic urban route. Enjoy it to its full extent.