LFNS: Clapham Cannonball

Hello good folks in London!

This coming Friday we set off to the Clapham Cannonball. Expect smooth surfaces, long stretches, uphills, downhills, and in general lots of fun. It is a 14 mile route, so expect some extra workout.

Get your wheels on, bring your friends out; this is a fun one.

Going North-East

Hello all,


This Sunday we return to Mornington Cresent, which means we have to roll over the smooth bits with the bad bits. It is a fun skate however due to the nature of London there are a few rough surfaces we do have to pass by. Bring your friends and rock on :=)

September Stroll

What better way to start the month of September than a nice little skate on a Sunday afternoon. Come and join your Lead Marshall, Emily, as she takes us round the streets of West London to Shepherds Bush. There are some lovely smooth surfaces out there just begging you to roll along. So dust of your bearings, crank of the music, and lets make a day of it!

SNAIL STROLL: One Way to Canopy Market

August Edition of our Snail Stroll will be taking you to a one way trip to the Canopy Market in Granary Square (King’s Cross). There will be lots of food and arts/crafts stalls there this weekend. We have picked quiet smooth nice roads for you for a leisurely stroll around West End and King’s Cross. Don’t forget to bring your shoes and Oyster card for your return journey (we’ll not be going back to Hyde Park). See you all on Sunday…