13th Just Got Lucky

Time to shake off ye old myth number 13th being unlucky, because luckily and happily we skate this Friday 13th around London town. We are heading to funky SE, posh Holborn, fashionable Regent street, crossing bridges and hitting some sweet straights along the way. Make sure no to get unlucky and miss out!! 😉

Market Maids on the Hill

Hello folks,

Try 2. Last weekend the route changed due to an admin mistake (shame on me) so let’s try again with our route to Maida Hill Market. It’s good fun. Takes us out of town. We all love spinning around the roundabout by Maida Vale.

Come join us!

Keeping it Westside!!

This Friday we are going west hitting a few radiator roads along the way top speed and to a swift break into Nottinghill before we head down the roller coaster that is Ken Church street. Make sure not to miss it!

LFNS: Clapham Cannonball

Hello good folks in London!

This coming Friday we set off to the Clapham Cannonball. Expect smooth surfaces, long stretches, uphills, downhills, and in general lots of fun. It is a 14 mile route, so expect some extra workout.

Get your wheels on, bring your friends out; this is a fun one.