This Friday, the route has a bit of everything. Straight roads, zig-zag sections, main roads, alleyways, smouth roads, rough roads, gorgeous river views, council estates, over bridges, under bridges, roads above ground, roads below, parks and a sports stadium. But mainly left turns.


Made in London Skate

Skaters of London! This Sunday we head back to Maida Hill Market. Its a nice relaxed route. Enjoy London the way us skaters do. Music. Good people. Smooth surfaces. Smiley crowds. Slight ups. Slight downs. Lots of fun!

Clapham Cannonball

Woop woop woop! Ready for some speed and fun? This Friday we return to the Clapham Cannonball race. The Grammy, Oscar and Nobel Prize award winning route. Expect lots of stretches, decent speed. Good surfaces. Tired legs at the end of the thing. What more can you ask for?

Macron Effort

Come and help welcome a large group of French skaters who are in London this weekend. They come from the Paris Sunday skate; Rollers et Coquillages. We have devised a route that takes in many of the tourist sites especially for them.

River Run

Heading back to Putney/Wandsworth. This being summer, we have enough light to skate along the river in Wandsworth Park, and should have some nice sunset views along the embankment on Grovesnor Road.

Flat, mainly straight, smooth, are relatively fast.

To Fulham and Back

Heading to southwest London to an area with a history of industry dating back to the 15th century. It’s enterprises included pottery, tapestry-weaving, paper-making and brewing. It was involved in energy production, transportation, the automotive industry, aviation and food production.

It’s associated with the electrification of the tube lines and has been a maintenance hub for the rolling stock and track but will be decommissioned by 2019.

All we know, is that it’s called Fulham.

Royal Freedom

12 mile route, heading pretty direct to Regent Park, gradually heading via Camden/Chalk Farm up to the bottom of Hamstead heath (before the big hill) up then back down. From where a long smooth gentle descent back home as payback.

Credit for the original route goes to Mira, so no cardiac hills, but definitely inclined.

Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf!

Smooth Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf! – Southbound to Stockwell.

Alright me old mucka. On the cobbles all the way saaaf of the river.  Did I say cobbles? What cobbles? Must be havin’ a giraffe!

It’s all smooth rollin ‘ere mate. As smooth as a errrrrmmmm…. I don’t know, just smooth as can be, alright!!

Grab your skates, slap a smile on ya face and let’s take to the streets of London to have some fun. Nuff said yeah!


This week, weather permitting, we are heading back west, with the smooth straight flat surfaces of King Street, Stamford Brook Road, Goldhawk, and Sulgrave Rd.

One slight hill as we head up to the top of Campden Hill, but the downhill of Kensington Church Street should be the pay-off.

MoooreCroissants we say!

We take the good with the bad, just like in life. We head off to Mornington Crescent. We have fun bits, we have smooth bits, and then we have the odd rough bit (welcome to route planning in London).


Bring your skates out, have fun, look cool, and most importantly…….SMILE!