Clapham Cannonball Run

Hello y’all!

Getting ready for Santa? Well he ain’t out yet!

First we are off to the Clapham Cannonball Run, where we cruise through 14 miles around London on smooth surfaces. We have ups. We have downs. We have long straights. We have awesome fun.

Prepare yourself to make some room for that holiday food, this one might wear you out a bit. but it will be worth it!

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Knight(sbridge) To Bishop(s Park)

Unusually for this time of year there is no football this afternoon in South West London. So to take full advantage of this, I will lead you lovely people down to Bishops Park and back, passing within a stray footballs kick of Stamford Bridge and Craven Cottage. The reason for this, smooth tarmac of course, oh, and if we get there in good time, there is a farmers market in Bishops Park. Hope to see you all there!!

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Hyde Park Roundabout

Howdy Folks!

This Sunday we head off to a nice little skate that takes us around Hyde Park in a nice lil’ loopy. It is slightly longish, but if you make it through the first half we hope that you will be fine to carry on the second half. We do go down parts of Kensington Church Street so please remember to control your speed.


Bring your friends, and let’s show this town how we rock on a Sunday!


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