Special Event: Halloween Skate

5:30pm, Saturday 27th October 2012

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Trafalgar Square
Length: 9 miles.
Lead marshal: RichardH
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: GO!

Get your wicked on and get ready to roll: There shall be shrieking! There shall be blood! There shall be layers of costume makeup, and a certain amount of eyeing up the hot vampire with the fishnet stockings if you know what we mean…

Click here for information about the Halloween Skate after party.


  1. Ruben says:

    Hello guys!!!
    Are you meeting somewhere before the Halloween skate?
    Are you putting your costumes on and doing the make up somewhere all together?
    I would love to do the skate but I have nothing to wear, not even make up!!! Any help?

    1. Hey Ruben – the fancy dress shops are still open and not too crowded :) and some people will probable meet at the Victoria Pub to fine tune the wicked weaves – http://victoriapaddington.co.uk/
      Whatever happens, we hope to see you at the start!

      1. Ruben says:

        GGGRRRR!!! Not at home, busy, plenty of troubles, can’t think about costumes… AAaaangry…!!! maybe my real face is scary enough!

        1. Ruben says:

          THANKS, Roggie!