Halloween Skate 2017

Halloween Skate 2017 will be on Saturday 28th October 2017! Assemble 4.30pm for 5.00pm departure, from the Wellington Arch, start point of the London Friday Night Skate.

You can find the Facebook event here.

The route map will be available here soon.

Rules of the Skate12185272_669990893138294_2463779795076094577_o

If it’s your first time, the etiquette of Halloween Skate is:

  1. You skate at your own risk.
  2. You must be able to stop turn and control your speed on an incline.
  3. Listen to the marshal’s instructions – please follow them, we’re volunteers.
  4. Stay behind the Lead Marshal (orange vest)
  5. Stay in front of the Rear marshal (also orange vest).
  6. Keep left for marshals (yellow vests) overtaking you on your right.
  7. Keep off the pavements.
  8. And remember to scare the public*.

If you can’t keep up with the Rear Marshal you may politely be asked to drop off. If this happens don’t be embarrassed or upset, just make your way to the party and get ready to show off your costume on the dance floor.


385921_10150340330151146_915931082_nAfter Party

The after party is at the Star of Kings pub, 126 York Way, London N1 0AX. The skate should arrive about 7.30pm. You may drop bags at the Star of Kings from 3pm onwards, although they’ll be stored at your own risk.

Weather Contingency

A weather call will be made around 2pm on Saturday 28th. If the weather is looking dodgy the call may be late – sometimes weather is hard to judge. The call will be posted on this page, on the front of the LFNS website, and in the Facebook event.

In the event of rain on Saturday the skate may be postponed, but the party will go ahead at 7pm on Saturday 28th. The skate will be rescheduled, weather permitting, to replace the Sunday Stroll at 2pm on Sunday.

1966107_10153366396971111_842679800981092111_oCostume Competition

Details to come!


Above all remember to skate in control, and have a wicked time!


Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!