Rainbow Warrior?
Most of these shirts are available in a range of colours. Just click on the “Buy” button and you’ll see a list of colour options for the featured shirt. Alternatively you could visit our full screen Shirt Shop.

If you can’t find the combination of shirt and artwork that you’d like, leave a “Reply” below to let us know and we’ll put one together for you.

Cashing in?
It probably goes without saying, but for the record, all profits from the sale of these goods go directly to the LFNS to help fund street skates. No marshals or other skaters make any money from the sale of this stuff.

Thanks Caoimhin
Finally, a big thank you to Caoimhin for allowing us to use his artwork. He’s really very nice, and we like him a lot.


  1. Yaz says:


    I’m writing a short feature about LFNS for a free newspaper and would love to use some photos to accompany the piece. Please can someone contact me about me this. I will be able to supply more details if required.


    1. Hi Yaz – we have a selection of photos in our Flickr group – try this link for starters and let us know if you need anything else.

      1. Yaz says:

        Hi Roggie,

        I just wanted to check something – photos should be credited to – is that right?


        1. Hi Yaz, yes please :)

  2. Ant2knee says:

    Would be interested in a small size, American Apparel white tshirt, with battersea on the front, and keep left of white line on the back. As I’m logged in, presumably you’ve got my email to get in touch?


    1. Roger says:

      Hi Ant – thanks for the suggestion, here’s the combination you asked for….