LFNS: Adrenaline Gentry

8:00pm, Friday 16th March 2012

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Angel
Length: 12.2 miles.
Lead marshal: Antonio
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: GO!

A skating route through gentrified London – Mayfair, Soho, The Strand, Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, Fitrovia and Angel. It could have been  “The Angel of Pentonville” but then this route isn’t for the landed gentry…

In fact this route is for the adrenaline gentry – 12.2 miles of wicked uphills and mental downhills that are certain to get your blood pumping full of adrenaline. Be prepared to climb hard on the first half and to plummet down on the second.

You must be able to control your speed on very steep inclines and stop if necessary. Remember: “Pentonville ain’t no Angel”.

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