Meeting points during the Olympics

The Olympics is just around the corner! With all the anticipation and excitement of the games, we are expecting some significant road changes and closures. Our meeting points for the Friday Night Skate and the Sunday Stroll may be affected during this period due to events and closures around Hyde Park Corner. We are working hard on the logistics.

Please watch this space or our Twitter feed @lfns for announcements before the skates on any changes to the start points.

Touristy run

Olympics is here! and with all the fanfare and excitement. Before the traffics and roads descent into chaos in central London in the next few weeks, we will take the Stroll to touristy hotspots around town – Regents Street, Piccadilly Circus, West End, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace. Half time will be at the Brunswick Centre near Russell Square. Weather forecast is looking good for Sunday, so no excuse not to be out! See you all there!

One more lap!

Last weekend at the Le Mans 24-hour race, the 10 teams of London skaters accumulated 1364 laps, or 5680 km in distance. It was a great weekend! Lead Marshal Ben did a measly 59 laps, and to make it a round 60, we will do a lap to Parsons Green and back. It will be a nice 8.5 mile with plenty of smooth surfaces. There will be some rolling hills involved, nothing’s the challenge of the Dunlop Hill at Le Mans. Pray for good weather and see you there!

French connection

Will there be a connection? This Sunday we will take a little twist of things.. We will swing by Battersea Park on the way to Victoria for our half time. After that, we will loop by Parliament Square and Sloane Square before heading back to the park. It will be a fun 8.5 mile Stroll. There will be some up and down hills, nothing too steep or too challenging. Pray the weather to stay dry!

Snail and Posh

It is the last Sunday of the month, let’s do a Snail Stroll! We will take a really easy and slow stroll around Chelsea (not to mention a few of us still aching from a long long 26-miles race last weekend with lots of uphills). Half time stop will be on King’s Road. The only hilly bit will be the South Carriage Drive in Hyde Park. With this wonderful weather, it’ll be fun! Come join us!

Let’s Go Sledding!

This Sunday we will brave the cold and take the touristy route through Mayfair and the West End to Russell Square for half time, and return via Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace. It will be a cozy 8-mile Stroll and lots of fun. See you there!

It’s a twister

This Sunday we will take a Stroll to Gloucester Road via Buckingham Palace and Chelsea, and on return we will hop by the river for a nice view of the Battersea Park (just in case you are too busy skating to notice..) There will be some rolling hills and lots of nice surfaces. See you there!