Going X’mas Shopping

Ho ho ho! Christmas is just two weeks away! This Sunday we will go do a bit of window shopping by Kings Road and Harrods. This will be a nice easy 8 miles stroll around Chelsea and South Kensington, with half time near Sloane Square station. Dig out your Santa hat, bring a shopping bag and see you there!

It’s All Squares

This week we will give ourselves a little challenge to see how many squares we can squeeze into one Sunday Stroll. We will go by Grosvenor Square, Berkeley Square and Leicester Square to our half-time point at Russell Square, and return via Trafalgar Square, Sloane Square and Belgrave Square. It will be a slightly longish 8.8 mile route, so square up on your cheesecakes and chocolate puddings on Saturday night, and see you all there on Sunday!

Slolam to SkateLondon

This is the SkateLondon event weekend and we will drop by to catch a bit of the actions. We will have a chilled 8 mile stroll through Paddington and Notting Hill, and return via High Street Kensington. Half time will be at Westway Sports Centre near Latimer Road Tube. Come join us!

Victorian Delight

Fun and slow! It’s the last Sunday of the month and yes, spread the words, it is time for a Snail Stroll. We will take a very easy 6 1/2 miles to Victoria and back. Put on your dancing dress, bring along your quads, throw in the music, let’s make this a festive one!

Exploring Chelsea

Lead Marshal Ben is back again and this week we are going to do a little exploring around Chelsea. This will be a fun 8-mile Stroll, trying out some new routes and “hidden gems”. Half time, coffee by South Kensington station. We will be going down the streets in style so dress posh!

Covent Garden & Russell Square

After being rained off last week, we will try again for Russell Square. We’re heading through Mayfair and Covent Garden, and coming back pass Buckingham Palace and Victoria. Half time will be at a quiet green square just off the busy streets around Russell Square. It’s Father’s Day and this will be a nice 8 miles stroll. Hope to see you all there!

Covent Garden and Russell Square

Hello everyone, Lead Marshal Ben is back at the front! This week we will take an easy hop over to Covent Garden and Russell Square. Since it’s the Queen’s official birthday, we will pass by Buckingham Palace on the way back to say hello. Maybe we will all get invited to the garden for a tea? Ah, that’s a wish 🙂