Notting Hill Parade

It is winter. it is cold. It is wet. You are tempted to sit at home or in a pub, right? That is for the weak and over-the-hill people. Us skaters rock on as long as it is dry!


Come join us for a LFNS to Notting Hill Gate. Its fun. Its smooth. It takes us away from traffic. It makes people smile. Why wouldn’t you join?



First Stroll of the year!

Weather is promising for Sunday, so unless the weather man decides to pull a fast tony on us we should be good to go! Dust off your skates and come join us for a relaxed stroll through town.

We head to Mornington Crescent. It is a fun route that has evolved over the years into what we hope is a pretty fun skate.

Hope to see you all out on Sunday!


**Marshal team**





Hello good folks of London! The LFNS crew reporting in. The 3 first skates of the year have rained off, let’s hope the fourth time is a lucky!

This Friday we rock off on the Clapham Cannonball run. It is a 14 mile skate with smooth surfaces, long stretches, not much traffic *bar Victoria area* and some fun downhills!

Feeling a bit heavy after the festive season? Well come and join us as we will get our chances to stretch our legs!



Kick-off skate for 2017 season

Merry Christmas to you all! The crew at LFNS hope you have had a great festive season. With the new year looming, and having eaten way too much stuff in the past few days, we would like to invite you to the first marshalled streetskate of the year.

Feel like you need to work off some of the food eaten in the last couple of weeks? Well come join us for the Sunday Stroll on 8 January for the 2017 kickoff skate! Bring your friends, skates and happy spirits out to play!

See you all!

Notting Hill Take II

On Santa Skate weekend we do a double dosage of Notting Hill fun! We start off with LFNS version (longer and faster) while on Sunday we return for a Stroll edition. Different routes, but same fun.

Since the Santa Skate and afterparty is the night before do make sure you set an alarm on Sunday 🙂

Notting Hill Madness!

All you lovely folks in London and those that flock to the town for this skate…..we are heading off to Notting Hill Gate for an awesome trip around town to show how Londoners how we roll!! We will have some pretty cool roads to roll on, Friday style! Bring your friends out and rock on to cool skating and vibes!

Final Call: Maida Hill Market

Heeeeeeeeyyyaaaaaaa folks! For the lfns frequent roller diamond card holders the Maida Hill route should be familiar stuff. Please join us for one last dash to the market before we finish off the skating season later in December. Bring your friends and skates out and show Londoners how we roll through town!

Maida Hill Market

It is always good to leave the city for some fresh air in the west. We head towards Maida Hill Market for half time. We have run this route several times and we always wind up with joy, harmony and smiley skaters 🙂 Come join us for a nice Sunday afternoon out!