The Saatchi Gallery

Sunday we will journey around the south west as usual. We start out going past Liz, around Victoria, through Sloane Square and pause at the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road for some cultural enlightenment. Once refreshed it will be down to Battersea for a quiet and very-well-behaved trip through the park.

Also, it is Steve’s last skate in London (and his last chance to Lead Marshal) as he returns back to Melbourne.

The lucky eskate

Are you lucky enough to be around for our Friday the 13th skate?

Are you lucky enough to miss the skater escape to Paris this weekend?

Are you lucky enough to be Spanish, so Friday 13th means nothing to you*?

Whichever bit of luck you are lucky enough to skate in, we have a 10 mile route with lots of smooth roads and one asbox, so come out for our lucky skate-escape of London and stay close to the front if you want to hear the music!

* Tuesday the 13th is considered bad luck in Spain. Friday 13th is just another day in the calendar.

Adrenaline Gentry

A skating route through gentrified London – Mayfair, Soho, The Strand, Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, Fitrovia and Angel. It could have been  “The Angel of Pentonville” but then this route isn’t for the landed gentry…

In fact this route is for the adrenaline gentry – 12.2 miles of wicked uphills and mental downhills that are certain to get your blood pumping full of adrenaline. Be prepared to climb hard on the first half and to plummet down on the second.

You must be able to control your speed on very steep inclines and stop if necessary. Remember: “Pentonville ain’t no Angel”.

Putney bridge and back

We’re off to Putney Bridge and back again as we seek out some smooth surfaces and straight runs on the second half. We start off by wending our way down the kings road before heading around the back streets to Putney bridge. Then it’s a long straight past Fulham FC, and with the breath we have left roll back to hyde park corner

Fat and furious

It’s winter, it’s cold, and most of us are carrying a bit more fat than usual, so we are kicking off the year with a ‘fat and furious’ (ahem) skate around the capital. We’ll be going past a good few London landmarks, but this isn’t a sightseeing tour –  keep moving and keep warm it’s our new year’s resolution. Isn’t a good skate what you asked the three wise marshal men to bring you this Christmas?

Tropical Kensington

Lead Marshal Antonio is back from the tropics to take the skate to Kensington. He has promised a reasonably smooth run, though he can’t vouch for the tropical heat – we hope he’s brought us some in a jar. Find out on Sunday.

This week is the last stroll of the month so the pace will be newby friendly, and the surfaces as smooth as our LM’s quickly fading tan.

Around and Under London

We’re going off around London on Friday, briefly looking at the Christmas Lights before heading off down into the city and too Moorgate for Halftime. After that we wend our way over Tower Bridge and off to the south side under London Bridge and around the back streets, past where Dickens was born to Westminster bridge before a final sprint up victoria street to Hyde Park Corner.

Quest for Fabled Smooth Tarmac out West

In Days of Yore there was a tale of a stretch of Tarmac out west that was as smooth as ice. This week we ride forth to find said tarmac and do battle with the nefarious A4 at various points. Pausing for refreshements near Ravens Court, we will then go forth, find and conquer the Tarmac before returning triumphantly down Church street towards our home.  Or something like that.

Berlin hangover

It’s Berlin marathon weekend, so while all the lycra clad racers are whizzing around Germany, hangover from the after party, we’ll be having a super-slow stroll around London on Sunday. Geared specially for skaters who haven’t a lot of experience on the streets (though with lots to entertain those who have) the route loops around Buckingham Palace Gardens and Green Park, never travelling that far from Hyde Park Corner or a tube station. Half time is at Trafalgar Square. Total distance is just 7.5 miles in a leisurely two hours.