Royal Freedom

12 mile route, heading pretty direct to Regent Park, gradually heading via Camden/Chalk Farm up to the bottom of Hamstead heath (before the big hill) up then back down. From where a long smooth gentle descent back home as payback.

Credit for the original route goes to Mira, so no cardiac hills, but definitely inclined.


This week, weather permitting, we are heading back west, with the smooth straight flat surfaces of King Street, Stamford Brook Road, Goldhawk, and Sulgrave Rd.

One slight hill as we head up to the top of Campden Hill, but the downhill of Kensington Church Street should be the pay-off.

Kensal Nobama

We have a high profile visitor in town on Friday, so route is modified to avoid where there might be higher security. Add the roadworks on the Embankment, and a preference against the West End traffic. This is what remains.

Should still be a smooth rolling route.