Clapham with a twist

This week we are introducing a brand new LM – Carl, expertly assited by Ben. We hope to see you all, and help provide expert assistance.

Swinging out to Clapham Common, cuting out the nasty hill. We promise to keep the same chilled out pace, and keeping you grooving to the best of the 60s.

Long Good Friday Night Skate 2014

This Friday is Good Friday. Tradition dictates that we do the Long Good Friday Night Skate. As it’s long, we start at 7pm at the Wellington Arch. There will be 3 sections, each with a different lead marshal and break between each section. Your LMs for the night will be Alan, Richard and Flemming. The route is the (former) circle line where we will be skating a route that roughly skates on top of the circle as it was before it grew an appendage. If you turn your head at the appropriate moments you will be able to cast a glance at each of the tube stations. Sorry for all those misterious arrow, we will be going around anti-clockwise. I repeat – its a earlier 7PM start.