Brixton Vibes – Tun Up!

It has been said, that Brixton has some of the bests vibes in London. What Brixton never counted on, is the LFNS rocking up on skates bringing next level vibes.

LFNS massive, tun up!!

Brixton it’s time to get lit!!

Brixton Splash!

Waah gwaan mi skater massive? Dih skate a go sell off Friday! *BRAP BRAP!!* Movements we mek go Brixton, Bricky mi seh!

Fling on uh nuh skates, hol’ a vibe and come we enjoy dih road. Ah so dih ting set – full 100!!

Good day fellow skater friends, I do hope this message finds you well and in good health.  The skate this Friday is set to be enthralling!  We shall be heading to Brixton post haste, Yes, Brixton!

Adorn your skates, befitting attire and relish this scenic urban route. Enjoy it to its full extent.

Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf!

Smooth Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf! – Southbound to Stockwell.

Alright me old mucka. On the cobbles all the way saaaf of the river.  Did I say cobbles? What cobbles? Must be havin’ a giraffe!

It’s all smooth rollin ‘ere mate. As smooth as a errrrrmmmm…. I don’t know, just smooth as can be, alright!!

Grab your skates, slap a smile on ya face and let’s take to the streets of London to have some fun. Nuff said yeah!

Oldie But Goodie – Parsons Green!

Bringing it back – an oldie but goodie.  Join the LFNS team for a stroll  to Parsons Green led by the one and only Hypa. Come and and enjoy this Sunday afternoon on skates, with great company and tunes that make you wanna dance, boogy and move your body to the bumpin’ beat.

Let’s get this party started!