Hyde Park Roundabout

Howdy Folks!

This Sunday we head off to a nice little skate that takes us around Hyde Park in a nice lil’ loopy. It is slightly longish, but if you make it through the first half we hope that you will be fine to carry on the second half. We do go down parts of Kensington Church Street so please remember to control your speed.


Bring your friends, and let’s show this town how we rock on a Sunday!


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To Fulham and Back

Heading to southwest London to an area with a history of industry dating back to the 15th century. It’s enterprises included pottery, tapestry-weaving, paper-making and brewing. It was involved in energy production, transportation, the automotive industry, aviation and food production.

It’s associated with the electrification of the tube lines and has been a maintenance hub for the rolling stock and track but will be decommissioned by 2019.

All we know, is that it’s called Fulham.

His Lordship Leads

Tonight his Lordship will take us round the the environs of the park. Never straying to far from the areas in which he feels his people live!

Slight glitch with the map application, as Google has changed the API. We are aiming to get this fixed as soon as possible, but in the mean time here is a overview of the route [click on image to enlarge (a bit)]: