Music… Makes The People… Come Together!

With all the rain and rioting lately we thought you might like to see a good news story. Do you like having music on the skate? Well this might just float your boat. Perhaps we should let the pictures do the talking.

Not long ago, in a workshop not far South of London …

All new ASBOx speaker boxes, crafted

All new ASBOx amplifier circuitry

All new ASBOx battery packs

All new ASBOx speaker boxes, primed

All new ASBOx speaker boxes, painted


Goodwood Results Are IN!

Did you take part in the Goodwood Roller Marathon last weekend? If so, your results are IN! You can find the full race standings with timing information at the link below. We’re sure the Camberly crew will be along to let us know the charity fundraising figures when they’ve done recovering from post marathon organizational stress disorder. In the meantime though we’d like to congratulate and thank Dan and the crew for running such a sterling event yet again. Well done guys! Goodwood seems to get bigger and more successful every year, may it continue for years to come!

Well done everyone who took part!

Brighton Skatefresh Day – 6th August 2011

It’s time to plan a day of skating by the sea! Each August Asha from Skatefresh invites you for a fun, free day of skating, chilling and seaside frollicks on the Brighton sea front. This year’s Brighton Skatefresh day is Saturday 6th August – this coming Saturday!

Skating starts at 1pm at the West Pier skate area (see map link below). There will be spots for slalom all day, general skating and some time set aside for dancing with some impromptu classes for sure. There will be a roller disco style set up and a slow gentle street skate along the seafront and back at 4pm. Skatefresh encourage picnics, refreshments and there are lots of shops and supermarkets close by and excellent Fish and Chips at the Regency.

Musical atmosphere will be supplied courtesy of Paul’s thumpers and a number of the LondonSkate & LFNS ASBOxes which will travel down for the day.

Buy your train tickets before the day at southern rail and you can get them as cheap as £4 a journey. Free parking at the Marina all day.

Asha hopes to see all the usual faces and representatives from Eastbourne and Camberley as well as the London crew. This is a rare opportunity for Skatefresh instructors and friends to have a whole day off, skating and not teaching and getting to know everyone better and welcoming more students (past and present) into the scene. The goal is also to show Brighton what a real skate scene is, as the local skating contingency is growing and will benefit from the encouragement of seeing so many good skaters in town.

Asha hopes you can make it and says “It’s always so much fun for me to have everyone down and share my gorgeous skate spot on the beach. Bring swimsuits, although [the lack of them] never stops the essential cool down swim. Great weather has been ordered once again!”

Map of Brighton Skate Pad:

More info:

Facebook event:

Gates Of Old London

Aldgate, Ludgate, Newgate, Aldersgate, Bishopsgate, MoorgateLondon Wall? Ever noticed a theme in the naming of central London roads? Mediaeval London was a walled city! It had seven major gates, of which six are today commemorated in the placement and naming of major central London roads – Aldgate St, Ludgate Hill, Newgate St, Aldersgate St, Bishopsgate and Moorgate. The seventh, poor old Cripplegate, doesn’t get much respect these days. It’s remembered with a mere back-alley just a few metres long, in the wrong place and without even a proper street sign. But that don’t fool us…

JOIN US this Friday as LFNS visits the GATES OF OLD LONDON. We’ll take in all seven ‘gate’ streets, plus the real location of the Cripplegate (in what is now Wood St). Thrown in at no extra are the Barbican, London Wall and the Tower of London, plus a few lesser known curiosities: Castle Baynard street, once the site of Castle Baynard, the western counterpart to the Tower of London which was destroyed in the great fire of 1666 and which was a setting for Shakespeare’s Richard III. It’s now a rather cool tunnel. We’ll also scoot past Paternoster square and the arches of Wren’s Temple Bar, the only surviving gate structure of the old city of London, featured in the writings of one Charles Dickens and now pleasantly devoid of the decapitated heads which once adorned it. And keep your eyes open for scattered surviving fragments of the old wall itself!

All this, and a sprint home along the long smooth surfaces of Embankment and Victoria. How could you possibly miss this?

All hyperbole aside, it is a lovely time of year for skating with the city lights glowing in the gloaming and this route does show off a good section of the square mile (all those pretty skyscrapers!) and the river lights down by embankment. We also pass quite a few tourist landmarks. The route is short – only 18km – and not especially fast because it twists and turns a fair bit. It’s more about exploring interesting places than sprinting. If you’ve not done a Friday before, try this one!

Eastbourne Extreme 2011 (Sat 16th & Sun 17th July)

Fancy a change of skating scenery? Then why not head down to the South coast for some seaside rolling at the Eastbourne Extreme 2011 festival.

Taking place from 10am on Sat 16th and Sun 17th July, Eastbourne Extreme is one of the biggest FREE extreme sports festivals in the UK. It features a huge line up of air, land and water based outdoor pursuits as well as live bands, DJ sound systems, shops, stalls and rides.

In addition to sporting attractions such as windsurfing, zorbing, jet ski displays, BMX bike displays, land yachting, street surfing, kite buggies and kite surfing (to name just a few) there’ll be a whole range of inline / roller skate based activities including:

Roller Hockey (Pro team tournament as well as open public games)
UK Freestyle Slalom competition (part of the UK Slalom Series)
Roller Derby
Roller Dance
Roller Jousting
Roller Basketball
Roller High Jump competition
3 Street Skates
3 Roller Discos
Aggressive skate / Ramp competition (Professional and Open Public)

The BRIGHTON SKATE crew sends us word that they will be there to do a street skate on the Saturday (at 6pm) which will be followed by a roller disco at Eastbourne’s Redoubt (7pm to 10pm). The Redoubt is an old fortress building overlooking the sea with skating areas on two levels (the main lower floor and up on the circular turret). It’s a unique venue, and we’re told that it really adds to the atmosphere of the roller disco.

All skate events (including the Saturday evening Redoubt Roller Disco) are totally FREE of charge.

Eastbourne is about 60 miles drive from London (just along the coast from Brighton) and direct trains run regularly from London Victoria Station.

Facebook Event page:
Skate Event Timetable:
Main Eastbourne Extreme web site:
Serpentine Road forum discussion thread:

Dave Peck – Funeral Arrangements

As mentioned last week, Dave Peck our good friend and LFNS music bike team member passed away tragically as a result of a cycling accident en route to Paris two weeks ago. We now have confirmation of the funeral arrangements for Dave, which are as follows:

Ceremony: Friday 8th July, 4pm at Mortlake Crematorium, Kew Meadow Path, Richmond, TW9 4EN.  The ceremony will be conducted in the humanist tradition of celebrating Dave’s life as a person. There will be an opportunity for private prayers during the ceremony. Black dress is not desired, white and colour is preferred.

Tributes: Family flowers only for the funeral but donations to the Dave Peck Memorial Fund will be accepted as follows:
– Electronically at
– By cheque payable to Twickenham CC sent c/o Miss B. Vance, 7 Abinger Gardens, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6LH.
– By cheque payable to Twickenham CC or in cash presented by hand at the Crematorium to either Andy Peck, Sol Findley or Barbara Vance.
– In cash to Barbara Vance at Twickenham CC Clubnight on Tuesday 12th July.

Wake: The Town Wharf, Isleworth, Swan Street, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6RJ (Parking in multi-storey car park on right hand side before reaching the Pub). For those who cannot make it to the Crematorium you will be very welcome to join at the Wake any time from about 5.30pm/6pm.

Tuesday Night is Brighton Skate Night!

If it’s Tuesday evening it must be time for the Brighton Street Skate! ‘Brighton Skate’ is not a formal organisation, it’s just the name given to a gathering of individual skaters who meet up for a skate each TUESDAY evening (weather permitting) from May to September, in Brighton. Rules and guidelines are available on the Brighton Skate website –

Brighton Skate now have a mobile SOUND SYSTEM to provid music on the roll!

MEETING POINT: West Pier Skate Pad – Map
TIME: 7.30 pm
SET OFF: 8.00 pm
RETURN: 9.30 pm (approx.)

The Skate Pad is the large area of tarmac on the beach front ajacent to the old West Pier (the derelict one). Weather call is made through the Brighton Skate Facebook page, here:

Come join the fun in Brighton on a fine summer Tuesday!

Parade Lap!

The Parade Lap. It’s what you do before or after a big race. It’s what you do to honor a lost friend. This week, LFNS is both these things.

As mentioned in our related post, this week we plan to honour the life and passing of Dave Peck, all round gentleman and LFNS music bike rider, by donning headwear of all descriptions – but particularly bandannas.

And last weekend of course was the annual Le Mans 24 Hour Rollers race in France. Given how gruelling Le Mans can be it’s not surprising most people aren’t in the mood for a parade lap right after it finishes. This year indeed most were more interested in a lap of the pool after skating through the 33 degree heat of Sunday afternoon.

This week therefore LFNS is also the Le Mans parade lap and will be lead by Richard and George, “LSST Duo II” team members who together skated 152 laps, 400 miles or 640km and managed to score second place in the Duo category (yes, someone else went even further than that). They’ll be backed up by “Team Double Sk-unt”, aka Sparky and Quaddie, who took out 4th position in the same category with 141 laps, 368 miles or 590km.

We just hope they’re all still feeling tired …


Le Mans 2011 – Congratulations All Round!

Le Mans results are IN and they are outstanding! All up there were 85 UK skaters in the teams at this year’s Le Mans, accompanied by some 15 or 20 pit crew. As ever it was an amazing, hot and very, very sunny outing in the North of France, with some fantastic achievements. Of the teams we mentioned here last week, the post-race standings were as follows:

Pos Team                  Category    Cat.Pos.
16  Londonskaters Enduro  Enduro        3
37  Londonskaters Fast    General      15
68  Lsst Duo II           Duo           2
75  London Misfits        General      33
109 Londonskaters Chilled General      50
146 Team Double Sk-Unt    Duo           4
228 Nottingham            General     127
234 The Dregs             Enduro       37
292 London Wheelers       General     165
304 Skatefresh            General     172
327 Endoronce             General     185
545 Ben all the Wai       Solo         25
568 Rick Jay all Day      Solo         36

So to summarize that, the LSST Enduro team made third place in category, while the two duo teams placed second and fourth in category respectively.

The Enduro podium:

The Duo podium:

With thanks to Chuchi (Steph) for the pics. Well done everyone and roll on Le Mans 2012!

Dave Peck, Our Friend, 1957-2011

We at LFNS try quite hard to keep our ramblings upbeat, tongue in cheek and a little humorous. Generally we do ok, but sometimes there’s a topic which makes that really difficult. This is one such.

Our friend, Dave Peck, is dead.

If you skate regularly with the LFNS then you may or may not know Dave by name, but you almost certainly know him. Dave was a very keen cyclist and was very active in the Twickenham Cycling Club (TCC). Through his love of cycling and his connection with Sol, one of the LFNS Lead Marshals, Dave in the past two years became one of the most frequent and recognizable music bike riders on the skate. He always wore his TCC skinsuit while riding with us, accompianied by a matching bandana and, almost invariably, his trademark good humoured and cheery smile.

Tragically, two weeks ago on a recreational group cycle ride from London to Paris, Dave’s bike suffered a major mechanical failure. He was thrown off and badly injured, passing away a few days later in the intensive care ward of Dreux hospital just outside Paris.

Dave was an incredibly good bloke. Always upbeat, always smiling. He contributed to LFNS not only in front of house by riding on a regular basis, but also behind the scenes through involvement in the day to day care, maintenance, setup and take-down of the music bike. He was a very valuable team member and is already greatly missed.

Dave’s body has not yet been repatriated to England, so his funeral arrangements are still tentative. The likely arrangements will be a service at Mortlake Crematorium at 4pm on Friday 8th July 2011, but this is not yet confirmed. Please check the LFNS Facebook wall and/or sometime next week for alteration or confirmation of this date and time.

Before then however there will be an LFNS this coming Friday 1st July 2011, and we’d like to do something to honour Dave. Dave’s life was characterized by, smiling, can-do-ness, cheery good humour and – let’s be honest – a bandanna to cover his rather admirably bald head.

THIS FRIDAY THEREFORE we humbly request that if you knew Dave and would like to honour his life, please come to the LFNS cheerful and wearing a bandanna of your own, with a smile underneath it. If you wear a helmet then tie a ribbon or wear a bandanna beneath it (we do, of course, recommend the wearing of helmets!). You may alternatively prefer a headband or backwards baseball cap. Anything headgear will do, but whatever happens, bring your smile.

We shall skate as vigorously and enthusiastically as ever this Friday, but will bring with us the spirit of a very good friend.

Dave Peck: