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London Fields

It’s time to strap on and swing out, this week to London Fields. Our route is mostly on main roads, so expect smooth stretches, bright lights, and a little more fast lane fun. It’s also a little shorter than most Fridays, so a good choice if you have plans for a late night. We hope your weekend starts on a roll!

London Fields Forever

Let us take you down, cos we’re going to… London Fields.
Something is real. And something to have fun about!

We’ll that’s enough of that. The route to London Fields is about 10 miles – short for a Friday. And the roads are remarkably smooth too. All in all it’s a good week to take to the streets. We hope to see you there then!

Richmond Park One-Way

You don’t need to be Richmond, but it helps. Skate along with us to check out the deer in Richmond Park. After the skate we’ll probably head down to Richmond to enjoy a beverage by the river. All in all Sunday will be spiffing!

Bring your shoes and Oyster card because we won’t be skating back again.

Stevie & Moo’s Stag Do

This week’s Sunday Stroll is all about the power of love. Unless this is your first time skating with us you are bound to know Stevie, the front man behind our traveling wall of sound. Moo keeps a lower profile but she is an essential ingredient in all things on skates.

So join us and them this Sunday for our first Stag Party Skate – a very special one way stroll from our normal start point in Hyde Park to our normal party place, the Star of Kings. The skate starts at 2pm, the party goes on for ever!

Pub closes at 11pm.

Easter Bunny Stroll

Fancy dress is the order of the day because this week we put on our favorite Easter outfits and hit the streets to skate around town dressed as Easter Bunnies, Chicklets, Easter Eggs and just about anything else that is even slightly connected with Easter.

Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed boys and girls, and we are hosting our famously fun Easter Party in the evening. Details here: http://www.facebook.com/events/136544256515517/

So ruffle your feathers, iron your ears, and join us this Sunday for a Stroll to remember. Celebrate Easter on skates, and don’t forget we’re also running a range of fun activities in Hyde Park after the Stroll from 4pm., including the Egg and Spoon Skate race, and Slalom Showdown. Both are open to all and even if you have hung up your skates for the day, both are great fun to watch.

There will be more prizes our annual Easter Bunny Stroll

Discounts & Prizes

With free lessons on Saturday our Easter Bunny weekend is a great time for newcomers to give skating a try. So we’re please to report that the Slick Willies skate shop on Gloucester Road is offering some discounts and prizes to help break the ice:

For people thinking of renting or buying skates:

  • Half Price Skate Rental if you say “I am the Easter Bunny” Valid between 29th March and 1st April
  • £10 off any Purchase of Inline Skates or Quads if you say “I am the Easter Bunny” Valid between 25th March and 1st April.

Slick Willies is also providing two £20 Gift Vouchers for the best dressed Skaters on the Easter Bunny Stroll on Sunday, and  prize T shirts for the winners in East Sunday’s Egg and Spoon Races and Slalom Showdown competitions.