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Scary Prizes

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best? We’re hoping for the most gruesome grizzly costumes for this weekend’s Halloween Skate. The more nasty the better. And to give you a bit of encouragement, Slick Willies has kindly offered a £50 gift voucher for the best male and best female Halloween outfits.

Spectators will be traumatized and costumes judged at the Halloween Skate Party, which is at the Star of Kings pub at 126 York Way this Saturday night.

So don’t spare the horses and push the boat out Marie Celeste style. Be bad, be very bad, and maybe pick up a prize for your trouble. Mwa ha ha ha!


This Friday we skate North towards St John’s Wood and then West through Maida Vale. After a well earned half time break at Harrow Road we head South through Notting Hill and Kensington, and then East through Knightsbridge and Belgravia.

Ups and downs, long and smooth, a short 10 mile LFNS bundle of skating fun.

Up The Arsenal Again!

As Shakespeare once very nearly said, Once more unto the Arsenal, dear friends, once more; In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of Friday Night blows in our ears, Then skate like its a bank holiday weekend init!

So gets your boots on, literally, and we hope to see you there.

Road to SkateLondon

Olympic competition may be over for a while, but international world class sport continues this week in the form of SkateLondon. For three days this weekend the organizers of SkateLondon are planing no end of skate-related fun, including the fabulous Battle Slalom competition culminating with the Battle Men’s final, finishing at around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon. So this week the Sunday Stroll is heading over to the Westway Sports Centre, home of  SkateLondon, to see if we can catch a glimpse of the action. Join us if you can’t stand still long enough!

Broadway Market Resurfaced!

Inspired by fresh asphalt on Broadway Market, we’re heading to London Fields this Friday. We used to take this route all the way to Hackney, but this week we’ll experiment with our halftime point and try a picnic in the park at London Fields instead. So join us for the love of skating — and lots of new and improved bits on the way to Hackney.

Wanna Help?

We’re looking for people who from time to time could help check our routes are good to go. If you walk or cycle to work in the areas where we skate, you might be able to help confirm some of the roads are open. For example, this week the LFNS is probably going to Maida Vale and back via Kensington Church Street. The details are in the map below, so if you find yourself passing any of those roads in the next few days it would be great if you could confirm they are free from major road works.

If you’re interested or able to help, please reply to this post on our Facebook page, and we’ll get in touch.

This weeks map: https://www.lfns.co.uk/map-full-screen.php?map=ACSLFNSTrellick2&start_logo=friday&date_dir=2011/03/04