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Clapham Clap Happy

It’s hard to believe that we haven’t skated to Clapham on a Friday this year. So this week we’re righting that wrong and revisiting old friends on the common. At just under 11 miles the route is a little shorter than a typical LFNS, and the surfaces are mostly above average too. So join us before splitting, come if you can, and skate like it’s Saturday tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Greenwich and the Jolly Roger

Given the other one-way routes planned for the year, this could be the first and last oportunity for a one-way skate to Greenwich in 2011. The route is based on Markus’s most excellent piste to the the old navy town, updated slightly because of the Tour Of Britain cycle race this weekend. So let’s skate to the bitter end and bag ourselves a Jolly Roger.

As this is a one-way skate, we won’t be skating back to Hyde Park. Please bring shoes and an Oyster card, and plan to enjoy a few refreshments served in one of several fabulous pubs and cafes dotted around Greenwich.

Return to Hackney

It’s been along time since we skated to Hackney, home of the famous carriage! This week we plan to put that right. Our route is fairly flat, as in without hills, and maily smooth, as in without bumps. Its also a little on the arty side, as in we skate past some statues. As one marshal said not so long ago, “It’s hard to have more fun with your skates on.” We hope to see you there.

Stroll By The River

This Sunday we’re heading west to Wandsworth Bridge, mainly so we can skate back along the Thames Path on the south side of the river. This is a lovely route with plenty of fresh air and very few cars (once we’re on the Thames Path). However, some of the surfaces are just a tiny bit more bumpy than usual. We hope to see you there!

Snail Stroll

This weekend has the last Sunday of the month, so this week’s Sunday Stroll is also a Snail Stroll. You don’t need flat feet or a hard shell to take part. But if you know anybody that would like to skate with us and hasn’t tried a Sunday Stroll before, this Sunday could be a good one for them. As the name suggests, we’re taking things especially easy this Sunday to give newcomers (and snails) more of a chance to have fun. The route is brand new, and created by Tanya, our very own champion of champions. She promised us an excellent coffee shop at half time. After that kind of refreshment, we hope you’ll go all the way.

Fancy Footwork

This Friday the SkateLondon European Championships take place at Bay 66 near Ladbroke Grove. So this year, like so many before, we aim to spend half time as close as possible to the SkateLondon venue, and if we’re lucky, we might even get to see a short display of freestyle skating genius. Failing that, we’ll certainly have a fab time skating there and back on one of our most lovely routes along the Harrow Road.

And even if Harrow Road is not your cup of tea, this route also features the freshly resurfaced Elgin Avenue, a lovely gentle downhill on Ladbroke Grove, and the slightly more exciting downhill on Kensington Church Street, so do your wheels a favour and get on it.

More Bells Vicar?

This weekend we’re taking to some brand new roads just outside a brand new shopping centre called One New Change. All this to experience the pure joy of smooth bits on a Sunday. As for the bells at St Paul’s Cathedral, they almost certainly be ringing by the time we get there. Join us if you can.

Ladbroke Grove Sunday

For the first time ever this year on a Sunday, we’re heading up Park Lane and then to west of London to spend half time outside the skate park at Ladbroke Grove. If you’ve come on this route before you’ll remember the long stretches of smooth roads, including the long, gentle downhill from Harrow Road to Ladbroke Grove. This is an unmissable route, or it is as long as you don’t miss it! Hope to see you there…