Snail to Holland Park

Hello Guys,

This Sunday stroll we will stay away from all the amazing Olympic hype and well out of the way from any speedy cyclists and will be heading West-way to Holland Park.

Remember it’s the end of the month and is that time we like to go slow, snail slow to be more precise in order to welcome any first timers to join the fun. So make noise and tell your friends!

See you all Sunday!

Seven Dials

And this Sunday we are off to revisit Covent Garden seven dials in what should be a magnificent sunny Sunday afternoon. Tell your friends, tell your family, your work colleagues and ”ahem, bosses”. Dust off those skates and make it your new years resolution to join the skating fun.

See you all there!

The Horse Skate 2

Is it a Dog?, Is it a Deer?. No, It’s Paul Twydell’s Horse route to Chancery Lane ”See route map and try to make out the horse”. So, this Friday we skate South across Westminster bridge and then back to North across Blackfriars bridge half time Chancery Lane station (TBC). Then a quick racey way North Trough Tottenham court road, New Cavendish st and Piccadilly st back home. Second half will have plenty of straights to keep us all nice and warm ready for a cold drink.