Big Up, You Stars!

January 13, 2011

Thank you to everyone who answered the call by joining in last Sunday’s Stroll and becoming a part of the BBC filming. This filming has been on the cards for ages – LFNS & LondonSkate were first contacted about it last August – and one thing or another has conspired to get in the way of it all the way from then till now. The most recent obstacle being the heavy snow that hit LondonSantaSkate of course.

The camera crew were well happy with the amount and variety of footage they were able to get. They also remarked upon how well organized and efficient the whole affair looked from their point of view and the feedback was pretty damn chuffed. It would seem we made the whole experience a pleasure. So yay us! Big slaps on the back all around. Well done and thank you also to everyone who stepped up for interviews too.

The show is called Andrew Marr’s Metropolis and it will consist of three 1 hour episodes. Our segment will be three minutes long and probably in program 1 of the series. It should go out on BBC One. Not sure of the air dates yet, but we shall let you know  when known. The crew said the show has been in filming for over 6 months in locations as far flung as Tokyo, Paris and Dakar. For those interested, there’s a bit of a blurb at the link below.

So thanks again everyone, it went really well and hopefully the finished product will live up to expectations. Now we just need them to do a 3x1hr docco exclusively about skating 😉

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