Bored With Short Distance Skating?

May 12, 2010

Do you find the 20km distance of an LFNS too short and dull? Is a 42km marathon a doddle for you? Unsatisfied by the 135km of Rhine On Skates or the 140km of the Athens To Atlanta? Is the mere 220km of the NRW Inline Tour just a shuffle in the park?

Well we’ve got news for you!

The FINLINE SKATE EVENT runs every year in July over 5 days and covering a whopping 300 – 500km! FinLine 2010 takes place from Monday 5th to Saturday 10th of July 2010 in the lake-district of central Finland, starting from Lahti and ending in Tampere. It’s a skating tour divided into 3-6 skating groups averaging different speeds between 15 and 25 km/h. This years event costs Euros:150 + costs of accommodation & food per-day. It’s a non-profit event, so if costs are less than the fees you even get back the difference – you can’t say fairer than that!

If you’re into skating holidays therefore this might be one to try. We’d love to try it. If you go, be sure and take notes so you can report back to WoW central on your experiences!

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