Last Friday 25 June

Last weekend a good number of our marshals headed to Le Mans in France for a 24 hour skate race. This and some last minute injuries meant we didn’t have enough people to run our normal LFNS last week. Fortunately a group of skaters took off on their own for an impromptu skate around town. We’re pleased to report they very much enjoyed it.

Last Friday 28 May

Last Friday was our first ever Eurovision themed skate. If you look closely at our route map you’ll see we passed a large number of embassies from the competing nations, and a few that weren’t.

We marked the occasion by taking lots of photos of skaters, all here:

You can also find the photos on our Facebook page so you can tag people.

Last Friday 14 May

Last Friday Edd took us on a 12.5 mile tour of Dickensian London. He had great expectations of smooth dry roads. You said, “That was lots of fun, I was itching for a skate as hadn’t been able to make it out for three weeks and had the most bizarre pain free experience, no sore knees! Miracle! Maybe I am cured or have grown new cartilage?”

We’re mighty glad you all had fun.

Last Friday

The weather has not been kind to us lately, but despite some light rain around 6pm on Friday the roads had dried again by 8pm ready for our Friday Night Skate to Hackney.

We haven’t used this route since last year, and since then changes to the road layout around Piccadilly Circus meant we got a little stuck in traffic for the first 15 minutes of the skate on Friday. However, lead marshal Roggie has now updated the map so the next time we head to Hackney we should avoid the traffic jams on Piccadilly.

We didn’t manage to take any photos of Friday, but if you did feel free to upload them to our Facebook page –

Last Friday

It was a difficult day for weather forecasting, and lead marshal Roggie decided not to cancel the skate despite a murky skies overhead. Unfortunately there was a downpour of rain around 8pm so the main skate was canceled at the last minute. However, around 30 brave-hearts decided to skate on without the help of marshals, so some skate-related-fun was had after all.

Whether on skates or not, lots of people made their way to the Smithfield Tavern for Big Nick’s birthday party. Many thanks to everyone that turned up and made it such a fun night.


Last Friday Markus took the skate to Highbury Corner. The route included some fabulous smooth surfaces and flowing downhills.

We didn’t manage to take any video or photos, but if you did please let us know.