To the (skate) park and back!

We are taking full advantage of the international break in the football season to head west and  pass by both Stamford Bridge and Craven Cottage.

All we need now, is good weather and you lot to turn up!

If you are feeling adventurous, there is a small skatepark by half time, but alternatively, there is a cafe.

See you there!



Fully Fulham

Last Sunday we succeeded in navigating the twisted yet really rather nicely surfaced roads of diabolical Fulham. Happily there was no sign of the anti-christ. Not surprising perhaps, as Chelsea were playing away.

Well done to Yolanda for completing her first Sunday Stroll!

Last Sunday 4 July

This year we celebrated Independence Day by skating to Parson’s Green in the sunshine. It really was a beautiful day, made all the more lovely by lead marshal Steve’s selection of smooth flat roads. Lots of photographs of the day on our web site:

…and also ready for tagging on our Facebook page:!/album.php?aid=24183&id=112734295418974

Last Sunday – 27 June

Whether or not you play football for England, last Sunday was one of the hottest Sundays we’ve seen for years. Our lead marshal Antonio took full advantage of the rays and led the Sunday Stroll on a shorter than usual route around town. The idea was to end up some place that people could watch the World Cup match. Whether you like balls or not, the extreme heat on the day meant most people were happy to finish a little early. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos, if you did, why not upload them to Facebook and tag away.

On Sunday we braved dark & stormy skies for a rather dizzying series of loops round Knightsbridge and South Kensington. Never have so many squares been circled. Well done everyone who made it back without losing their north-south orientation.

Last Sunday 6 June

Last Sunday Antonio took the Sunday Stroll past some of London’s great palaces. The weather was very kind to us, so there’s lots of sunny photographs on our web site…

You can also find lower quality versions of the same photos on our Facebook page. Some people had a few problems tagging our Facebook photos, but this has now been fixed.

Last Sunday 23 May

Last Sunday was probably the hottest day in London for a really long time. And where there’s sunshine there’s always plenty of skaters – we counted at least 200 before we gave up counting and started lolly-pop-licking.

We popped some photos of the fun on our web site…

…and there’s a special prize* if you’re the first person to name** the guy wearing hi-viz gloves.

* Editor’s note: It’s not very special really.

** Editor’s note: It must be his real name, not one you’ve made up for him.

Last Sunday – 9 May

Yet again there was rain a few hours before the skate, and again, the roads dried completely in time for things to go ahead as normal at 2pm. Last Sunday was all the more special because of the return of our splendid Firebrox music bike, which was linked to four Asbox and Asbomb loudspeaker systems brought along by their respective owners.

If you haven’t noticed them before, the Asboxes look like a weird kind of musical rucksack, and we link them to the music bike using radios so they all play the same music at the same time.  Our thanks to the people who brought their boxes along, and to the LondonSkate for lending us the transmitter and receivers.

Our route last Sunday took us to St Paul’s Cathedral, where we spent half time listening to the bells of St Paul’s ringing out a special tune. The large paved area outside the front of the Cathedral also made a good spot for people to practice a few bits of fancy skate-work. All in all a lovely day out was had by all!


As a result of Markus’s abject fear of men in Gorilla suits the plan was to avoid the marathon with a stroll to Bishops Park. The early morning weather and the predictions of the Met Office lead to the skate being called off; however what do the scientists know? It turned out nice again. A few intrepid skaters did the route on an unmarshaled basis and had a good time.

It just goes to show that the no go status informs you that there will not be a marshaled street skate occurring. If you disagree with the weather reports and have the inclination to throw caution to the wind, are capable of skating independently in traffic and not too fussed about what state your bearings end up in afterwards, then feel free to turn up at the regular start point anyway and see if anyone else has the same thoughts as you.