Scary Prizes

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best? We’re hoping for the most gruesome grizzly costumes for this weekend’s Halloween Skate. The more nasty the better. And to give you a bit of encouragement, Slick Willies has kindly offered a £50 gift voucher for the best male and best female Halloween outfits.

Spectators will be traumatized and costumes judged at the Halloween Skate Party, which is at the Star of Kings pub at 126 York Way this Saturday night.

So don’t spare the horses and push the boat out Marie Celeste style. Be bad, be very bad, and maybe pick up a prize for your trouble. Mwa ha ha ha!

Meeting points during the Olympics

The Olympics is just around the corner! With all the anticipation and excitement of the games, we are expecting some significant road changes and closures. Our meeting points for the Friday Night Skate and the Sunday Stroll may be affected during this period due to events and closures around Hyde Park Corner. We are working hard on the logistics.

Please watch this space or our Twitter feed @lfns for announcements before the skates on any changes to the start points.

It’s Easter Weekend!

IT’S EASTER and that means it’s time for EXTRA LFNS GOODNESS!

JOIN US FRIDAY AT 7 PM – that’s the the earlier-than-usual time of 7 PM – for the LONG GOOD FRIDAY NIGHT SKATE. It’s the Easter special once a year CIRCLE LINE SKATE! Your circle line service is 50% longer than the usual Friday night service, at 18 miles total journey length, departing one hour earlier than usual for a total of 3 hours fun. The LFNS Circle Line Service will be boarding at 7pm from the usual platform at Hyde Park Corner. Departure will be Eastbound, skipping all stops till London Liverpool St where late connecting passengers will be able to join. Service continues Westbound skipping all stops to Craven Terrace, adjacent to Paddington Station, arriving at 9pm. Last departure from Craven Terrace is Westbound towards Notting Hill and Kensington Church St, then returning to Hyde Park Corner at 10pm where this service terminates. This year’s inflation indexed fare increases mean you pay exactly 0% more than last year’s price of £0.00. Yes folks all classes of travel are free on this service, plan your journey now. All ABOOAAARRDDD!

JOIN US SUNDAY AT 2 PM for the flippety floppiest, hippety hoppiest, fluffy pink eared and feather-boa-est EASTER BUNNY STROLL. Break out your bunny costumes and your mad hats, for Easter Bunny Stroll is the first big costume skate of the year. Join all manner of menagerie departing from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park (the usual Sunday Stroll starting point) for a 2 hour jaunt around central London with a half time break. Don’t forget your camera!

JOIN US SUNDAY AT 4.30 PM on the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park for the annual EASTER BUNNY EGG N SPOON RACES. We here at LFNS will be giving away free chocolate Easter eggs … to those willing to skate through a set of cones and back while carrying said egg on a spoon and engaging in near mortal competition with another person doing the same thing. Hang around after the Easter Bunny Stroll to join in. There is nothing quite so satisfying as the crack of an opponent’s egg hitting the tarmac, even if it did require some small bending of the rules. Chocolate shall be spilled, ohhhh yes!

JOIN US ON SUNDAY EVENING AT 7.30 PM for the EASTER BUNNY PARTY at the Smithfield Tavern, 105 Charterhouse Street, Smithfield, London, EC1M 6HR. Skater DJs will lay down tunes into the early hours as bunnies shake their tails on the dancefloor. Come and have a drink, compare war wounds and tell stories about how you crushed the other guy at egg n spoon races. Or get some boogie on. Easter Bunny Party will rock!!

REMEMBER that LFNS is run entirely by volunteers. We have 4 channels of communication – our website at, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and our – rather intermittent – email newsletter called ‘Week On Wheels‘. Most of our income comes from donations for LondonSantaSkate tickets at Xmas. We don’t do lessons, we certainly don’t charge money for lessons, and anybody claiming we do might be telling you a bit of a fib. So have a care what you do with your money on the Internet.

And finally, if you can’t be skating with us here in London, have a really fab time wherever you are and a REALLY GREAT EASTER!!


Ready to ‘Mwah ha ha haaa!’?

Halloween Skate 2011 kicks off this Saturday 29th of October 2011.

We would say ‘fingers crossed for the weather’ on Saturday, but such wishy-washy good natured sentiment-driven goodwill seems somehow so completely inappropriate for the event in hand. Therefore: ‘severed fingers of a hapless gumbie run over by a cab and mauled by rabid street dogs framed with a pentacle of skate-instructor chalk and laid out in a smeared bloody cross upon the Serpentine … for the weather!’

There. That’s more like it.



You may have received two copies of our WoW newsletter last week. The ugly truth is that we’ve been teaching a new computer to produce WoW and last week was the first time we let the dear thing have a go on its own. Hopefully the web boffins have persuaded the new computer to be less generous with the emails this week. Meanwhile, we’re very sorry about last week and will try our best to restrict you to one copy of WoW each week.