Chel’s Away

Chelsea is away, so let’s take over Fulham Broadway! We head off to the southwest hunting out smooth roads that like our skates. Route is fairly flat, so if you want to ease your way back into skating this might be a good one to join. See you out there kiddos, get your skates on and bring your friends out!

The Big Hyde Park Roundabout

This Friday we are heading back to the Big Hyde Park Roundabout! Half time at Notting Hill. We start off by heading northwest, then drop down towards South Kens (yes, it means we go down Kens Church Street), then to Westminster, and back to the park via Piccadilly. It is fun, it is smooth, so come out and join us!

The Worshipful Company

This week we are attempting to head towards the original City of London again, with some surprising twists and turns as we make our way towards Aldgate Square and back. Hopefully this time we won’t have to divert around a parade of 70000 people ?

BG Tips Snail Stroll

This Sunday we will be running a snail stroll to Brook Green. It’s a mix of old and new roads and suitable for improvers and those bringing children (you must still be able to stop, turn and control your speed on hills)!

Track the skate on FleggZ (android and iOS)

Fans of Brook Green’s charming period architecture will find it hard to believe that this area was once an industrial centre home to the J Lyons food processing factory and the Osram lamp factory. Happily, this industry did not detract from Brook Green’s pleasant village atmosphere.

Today it’s an affluent London neighbourhood in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Let’s go check it out on skates.

Long, Flat, Nice & Smooth

Now you know what LFNS really means there is no reason for missing it. You’ll be cruising through South London to summer skate tunes. We’ll stop for a short break at Canada Water where you can pop in the shops for a pair of ankle weights to make your way back more fun. See ya!

Clapham Cannonball Run

ello y’all! We are off to the Clapham Cannonball Run, where we cruise through 14 miles around London on smooth surfaces. We have ups. We have downs. We have long straights. We have awesome fun. Want to burn some cals, well this is the skate to join! See you!