Tourists in London

Hello folks in London! This coming Sunday we will do a very touristic route, catching areas such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, Waterloo, and the Westminister. It might be a cold day out, but it will be a fun day nevertheless! Come out and play!

Check out live tracking and new site for more details at

Snail Stroll: Chugg-along to Chiswick

Welcome to the One-Way Snail Stroll to Chiswick. If you’re new to street skating, this is the perfect route to have a go at as we head West where the smooth tarmac reigns surpreme. This is still a two-part skate so you get the usual half-time break, but instead of going back to the park we will be finishing at the George IV pub on Chiswick High Road. Hang around and have a drink, or head back to central London (or home) from Turnham Green tube station on the District Line, only 3-4 minutes walk from the pub. See you Sunday!

Click here for full screen map and live tracking from 2pm