Discounts & Prizes

With free lessons on Saturday our Easter Bunny weekend is a great time for newcomers to give skating a try. So we’re please to report that the Slick Willies skate shop on Gloucester Road is offering some discounts and prizes to help break the ice:

For people thinking of renting or buying skates:

  • Half Price Skate Rental if you say “I am the Easter Bunny” Valid between 29th March and 1st April
  • £10 off any Purchase of Inline Skates or Quads if you say “I am the Easter Bunny” Valid between 25th March and 1st April.

Slick Willies is also providing two £20 Gift Vouchers for the best dressed Skaters on the Easter Bunny Stroll on Sunday, and  prize T shirts for the winners in East Sunday’s Egg and Spoon Races and Slalom Showdown competitions.

Halloween Skate 2012!

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We don't bite...

Saturday, 27th October …

Thrice the black cab horn hath blared!

Thrice and once the blue-light wailed!

Richard cries ‘Tis time, ’tis time!

Round about the Serp we go;
Up and down the nightmare row
Gravel rash and grazed sting
Blistered feet and sweaty ming
In the gloaming evil glow
Shall the skate be called a “GO”?

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Lube your bearings with fresh blood
Filled with grit and other crud
In late October come and play
From 5pm on Sabbath day!
ASBOX boom and ASBOmb slay
Funeral dirge infuse the way
Fiendish tunes for charm and trouble
Firebrox for trouble double!

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Through the city whoop and shout
On wheels your wicked costumes flout
Robes of demons, priests and ghouls
Witches, pirates, vamps and fools!
Revelers in evil bling
All night long will shake their thing!
Nymphs shall play and DJs slay
Debauchery till end of day
Avail yourself of landlords foam
Then terrorize the night bus home!

Come thee under storm or starlight:

Smithfield Tavern until two,
Then maybe Fabric – just for you!

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Make fast the frames and tight the bolts
Lace up taut against the jolts!

Harken, hear the wheels they hum
Something wicked this way comes!

Halloween Skate 2012 starts from 5.30pm (-ish … essentially we start once it gets dark enough) on Saturday October 27th on the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. Halloween Skate after party at the The Star Of Kings pub, 126 York Way Kings Cross London, N1 0AX, from 7.30-ish until 2am. Skater DJs will spin up tunes and there shall be dancing. Don’t forget the end of UK daylight savings leaves you an extra witching hour. In the event of bad weather the skate may move to Wednesday 31st, but the party will still be on Saturday. Check for weather updates closer to the time.

All you have to do is get your wicked on, so harken … this way … come!

Mwah ha hah hah hahhaha hahaaaaha ahaaaaa!!

Waitrose Belgravia – A note for Sunday Strollers, Please Read!

On Sunny Sundays a lot of Sunday Stroller’s like to hang out in the park after the skate for a picnic, an activity that usually goes hand-in-hand with a visit to the nearest supermarket for solid and liquid supplies shortly after 4pm. The nearest and most popular supermarket destination is the Waitrose Belgravia branch, at 27 Motcomb Street SW1X 8GG just south of the park. Many Sunday Strollers are quite familiar with it.

On Sunday the manager of Waitrose Belgravia, a nice man named Jim, noticed that I had a LM vest tucked under my belt as I entered the store and politey took me aside to ask a favour. That favour was to put the word out about the following points.

First the good news: Jim and his staff like us and are, on the record, happy to let us into the store on our skates. Waitrose Belgravia is, frankly, pleased to accept the custom of skaters and happy to accomodate our uniquely wheeled patronage. However Jim does have to consider the shopping experience of, and feedback from, his non-skating customers. He therefore humbly requests that please, can we observe the following guidelines while shopping at Waitrose.

1) Please GO SLOW INSIDE the store. You should always skate in control anyway, just be sure and do it inside the supermarket too. Remember the other customers are not on skates, they can be suprised and maybe a little intimidated by all these huffing sweaty six-foot-and-taller scruffies with wheels on (my description of course, Jim put it much more politely).

2) Please GO SLOW OUTSIDE the store too. There are elderly patrons at Waitrose. Please don’t be thrashing up the street and powersliding to a stop at the front door, making them drop their shopping in surprise. Though to be fair Jim didn’t mention any powersliding or dropped shopping. He just asked if can we please go slow and be aware of the other customers when approaching the store.

3) Please try not to mob the store all at once. Apparently there was a bit of a glut of skaters last Sunday. I didn’t see it myself, I was about half an hour behind everyone else by which time I was the only one there, which I must say made shopping a breeze. Spread yourselves out, send one person instead of three, that sort of thing, if you can.

And that’s it – thre simple points that apply pretty much equally to all customers really, not only en-wheeled ones.

The good news, as I say, is that Waitrose want us to keep coming and are – on the record – happy to have skaters in the store, on their skates. It’s a very positive and open attitude and not one shared by all supermarkets in London and is worth preserving. We, skaters (and it’s me saying this, not Jim), need to uphold our end of the deal here by being good customers. Please do your best therefore and give the props to Waitrose that Waitrose is giving to us.

Cheers & Happy Strolling

Not Long Till The Greatest Shows On Earth!

Yes indeed, because HALLOWEEN SKATE 2012 is just three months away! Get your wicked on and get ready to swarm forth upon the City Of London on Saturday 27th October 2012. There shall be shrieking! There shall be blood! There shall be layer upon layer of costume makeup and a tad bit of partying!

What’s more there are just FIVE SHOPPING MONTHS till Xmas, hardly enough to get done before SANTA SKATE 2012 jingles it’s way out of Hyde Park on Saturday 15th December 2012, for our annual dose of skating good cheer!

If you’re new to all this it may seem crazy early to be announcing these dates but trust us, these two are the highlights of the street skating year. Every year we have people from outside London, from Germany, France, Netherlands and even further afield plan their holidays around the chance to attend one or both of these skates. Mark the dates in your diaries and start dreaming up costumes. Every year seems to get bigger and better and this year promises to be the biggest, bestest and most costumest year ever!

Mwah hah hah. Mwah hah hah! Mwah ha ha ha hah hah ha HA HAAAAAAAA!

Wanna Help?

We’re looking for people who from time to time could help check our routes are good to go. If you walk or cycle to work in the areas where we skate, you might be able to help confirm some of the roads are open. For example, this week the LFNS is probably going to Maida Vale and back via Kensington Church Street. The details are in the map below, so if you find yourself passing any of those roads in the next few days it would be great if you could confirm they are free from major road works.

If you’re interested or able to help, please reply to this post on our Facebook page, and we’ll get in touch.

This weeks map:

Skate Pride 2012 (7th July)

Fancy some skate fun next weekend? We’ve been sent word that next Saturday skaters are joining the Pride London Parade as it works its way from Baker Street to Whitehall. The parade is one of the headline events in Pride London, which is a week of events that include exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, comedy and cabaret performances.

You don’t need to be fast on your wheels to take part, because the parade is a pedestrian procession along the roads, so it will move at a walking pace – if not slower. Pride organisers recently decided no motor vehicles will be allowed to join the procession this year, which starts at 11am on Saturday 7th July. Traffic should not be a problem, but this is not a marshalled street skate.

Pride London welcomes everyone regardless of wheel size or other preference. You don’t need to be LGBT to join, the parade is a celebration of equality and diversity of the LGBT community. There will be a skater party on Saturday night for Pride London Skaters as well as any other skaters that happen to be in the area. Please see the Facebook event for details of the route, times and party.

Skate Pride Facebook event:

Wanna help?

We’re looking for a team of around 4 volunteers to help move our Asbox music transmitter to and from each skate, and recharge its batteries in between.

Ideally you’ll come to the LFNS and Sunday Stroll on a regular basis, and live or work in central London — which makes it easy for team members to meet mid-week to swap the kit around when needed.

If you’d like to help out, please get in touch.

Race Registration Discount

Prices for registering teams for the 24 hour Le Mans Skate race are set rise on 22nd May. If you’re planning on building a team, register before that date to earn a €10 discount.

Many LFNS and Sunday Stroll marshals and regular skaters from London join the race around the famous Bugatti Track in Le Mans, which is about an hour south of Paris. There are various categories of teams, including Endurance (3 to 5 people) and Prestige (6 to 10 people). Last year one of the LFNS marshals came second in the Duo category, and another two LFNS marshals turned in excellent results in the Solo category, showing the world that London is home to world class skaters.

So, build your team and enjoy skating on the legendary Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans, where over the course of 90 years the best drivers as Jacky Icks, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman or Henri Pescarolo helped transform a field into a world famous race track.

Find all the information on the bilingual (French and English) website of the 24H Skating.

LFNS Route Maps On Android

The LFNS website has recently been updated to better support viewing of LFNS route maps on Android devices. Please help us try out this functionality.

To view LFNS route maps on Android you can now use the built-in Google Maps application. No special LFNS application is required. To download one of our routes into Google Maps first use the Android Web Browser to navigate to our website at and tap through to one of our more recent route information pages. If you’re using Android our website now detects it and displays an Android formatted map link below the route description. Android users no longer see the route map displayed on the web page, which also means the page loads up a bit quicker.

To see an example, use your Android device to check out our most recent Sunday Stroll post.

When you tap on the map link your Android browser should ask if you want to view the content in Google Maps. Answer yes and allow Google Maps to download the route information and display it. Once this is done you can use Google Maps for viewing the route and, if your device supports GPS location, you can navigate to it and along it.

Please give this a try and let us know what works and what doesn’t. We already know there is sometimes a warning about using an out of date Google Maps API Key, we’re working on that one.

When trying things like this out remember that we’re all volunteers here at LFNS and our primary focus is skating. If this works for you then it’s totally brilliant. If it doesn’t – well unfortunately software support happens when and if people can spare the time for it, so please be patient and keep a sense of perspective. Give us useful, constructive feedback and we’ll see what we can do. If you can help with software development and want to contribute, also get in touch.

If you’re an iPhone user please don’t feel left out. One of our skaters kindly donated his time and effort late last year to write an iPhone App for LFNS, which was previously announced. Please try it out, but remember this too has been contributed by a volunteer out of pure good will, so be patient and constructive in your feedback.

The most important thing is that you can still come skating every Friday and Sunday with or without mobile maps, but we hope it works and look forward to skating with you soon. Happy navigating.

LondonSkate Season Opener April 18th!!

Suffering from Easter withdrawal yet? Well we have good news, the next great skating occasion of 2012 happens in less than two weeks: On April 18th The LondonSkate is BACK!!

LondonSkate is the sister skate to the London Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll. It runs every Wednesday night at 8pm from April to September. Historically LondonSkate has always been organized separately from LFNS, although there is a massive overlap of both volunteer organizers and participants. Consequently LondonSkate has its own website,, which we encourage you to bookmark; and its own Facebook page,, which we encourage you to ‘like’ if you want to stay informed of all things LondonSkate.

LondonSkate also operates a slightly different weather call system. LFNS use “Go” or “Rained Off” as weather calls, but LondonSkate uses a “Red”, “Amber”, “Green” system, where “Red” and “Green” are the equivalent of “Rained Off” and “Go”, but “Amber” means “Decide when we get there”. An “Amber” call means turn up if you feel like chancing the weather, if it’s dry at 8pm we’ll skate (and if not, we’ll go to the pub ;-))

It’ll be great to have the band back together once more, so to speak, with all three of London’s weekly street skates back in full swing. Get ready to roll, for the ruckass is coming, LondonSkate season 2012 is almost here!!