The early bird skates at Goodwood!

There are only a few days left to enter the 2011 Goodwood Roller Marathon.  Early bird pricing is coming to an end on July 2nd.  Sign up now at 🙂

For those unfamiliar with the Goodwood Roller Marathon… where have you been? 😉

Goodwood Roller Marathon is a charity race in aid of the NSPCC around the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester, Sussex.  Skaters and non powered, small wheeled transport of all abilities and styles can participate in one of four races: 5 Miles, 12 Miles, 26 Miles or 53 Miles.

Goodwood Roller Marathon 2011 is on 14th August 2011, run by Camberley Skaters and is the largest roller race in the UK.  Over the last 6 years it has raised over £68,000 for a variety of charities.

It is a great family day as all ages and abilities are welcome and a perfect introduction to distance events.  To encourage all racers there is microchip timing of laps and a finisher’s medal for all.

Much more information can be found on the Goodwood Roller Marathon website including pictures and video from previous years events:

Help this years Goodwood break all records and register today! 🙂


Le Mans 2011 – Congratulations All Round!

Le Mans results are IN and they are outstanding! All up there were 85 UK skaters in the teams at this year’s Le Mans, accompanied by some 15 or 20 pit crew. As ever it was an amazing, hot and very, very sunny outing in the North of France, with some fantastic achievements. Of the teams we mentioned here last week, the post-race standings were as follows:

Pos Team                  Category    Cat.Pos.
16  Londonskaters Enduro  Enduro        3
37  Londonskaters Fast    General      15
68  Lsst Duo II           Duo           2
75  London Misfits        General      33
109 Londonskaters Chilled General      50
146 Team Double Sk-Unt    Duo           4
228 Nottingham            General     127
234 The Dregs             Enduro       37
292 London Wheelers       General     165
304 Skatefresh            General     172
327 Endoronce             General     185
545 Ben all the Wai       Solo         25
568 Rick Jay all Day      Solo         36

So to summarize that, the LSST Enduro team made third place in category, while the two duo teams placed second and fourth in category respectively.

The Enduro podium:

The Duo podium:

With thanks to Chuchi (Steph) for the pics. Well done everyone and roll on Le Mans 2012!

Dave Peck, Our Friend, 1957-2011

We at LFNS try quite hard to keep our ramblings upbeat, tongue in cheek and a little humorous. Generally we do ok, but sometimes there’s a topic which makes that really difficult. This is one such.

Our friend, Dave Peck, is dead.

If you skate regularly with the LFNS then you may or may not know Dave by name, but you almost certainly know him. Dave was a very keen cyclist and was very active in the Twickenham Cycling Club (TCC). Through his love of cycling and his connection with Sol, one of the LFNS Lead Marshals, Dave in the past two years became one of the most frequent and recognizable music bike riders on the skate. He always wore his TCC skinsuit while riding with us, accompianied by a matching bandana and, almost invariably, his trademark good humoured and cheery smile.

Tragically, two weeks ago on a recreational group cycle ride from London to Paris, Dave’s bike suffered a major mechanical failure. He was thrown off and badly injured, passing away a few days later in the intensive care ward of Dreux hospital just outside Paris.

Dave was an incredibly good bloke. Always upbeat, always smiling. He contributed to LFNS not only in front of house by riding on a regular basis, but also behind the scenes through involvement in the day to day care, maintenance, setup and take-down of the music bike. He was a very valuable team member and is already greatly missed.

Dave’s body has not yet been repatriated to England, so his funeral arrangements are still tentative. The likely arrangements will be a service at Mortlake Crematorium at 4pm on Friday 8th July 2011, but this is not yet confirmed. Please check the LFNS Facebook wall and/or sometime next week for alteration or confirmation of this date and time.

Before then however there will be an LFNS this coming Friday 1st July 2011, and we’d like to do something to honour Dave. Dave’s life was characterized by, smiling, can-do-ness, cheery good humour and – let’s be honest – a bandanna to cover his rather admirably bald head.

THIS FRIDAY THEREFORE we humbly request that if you knew Dave and would like to honour his life, please come to the LFNS cheerful and wearing a bandanna of your own, with a smile underneath it. If you wear a helmet then tie a ribbon or wear a bandanna beneath it (we do, of course, recommend the wearing of helmets!). You may alternatively prefer a headband or backwards baseball cap. Anything headgear will do, but whatever happens, bring your smile.

We shall skate as vigorously and enthusiastically as ever this Friday, but will bring with us the spirit of a very good friend.

Dave Peck:

Le Mans 24 Hour Race This Weekend!

Saturday 25th June is one of the most anticipated days in the skating calendar – it’s the start of the annual 24 Heure du Mans Rollers race!

Every year some 5000 skaters composing some 500 teams from all over the world pit themselves against time, distance, heat and THAT HILL to try and complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours at the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans. The race is a skate relay, with team members passing a baton from one to the next continuously for 24 hours. The winning team is the one that completes the greatest number of laps in the time available.

There are four categories of team:

  • Prestige category, for 10 person teams
  • Enduro for five persons
  • Duo for two persons, and perhaps incredibly:
  • Solo – for individuals.

The Le Mans race is iconic and monumental. It is well attended by UK based teams every year and this year is no exception. In 2011 there are 13 teams from the UK that we know of. Do you know of any more? Write and let us know!

In the Prestige category for 10-person teams there are:

  • Team Nottingham – The Nottingham Skaters led by James & Jason.
  • Skatefresh – The Skatefresh instructors team led by Asha and Matty of Skatefresh.
  • London Misfits – A team of LFNS and LondonSkate marshals captained by LFNS marshal Van Dieu.
  • Londonskaters Fast – The fast LondonSkaters Speed Team, led by LFNS marshal & LSST exec Ed Gwiazda.
  • Londonskaters Chilled – A chilled entry from the LondonSkaters Speed Team, captained by LSST exec Pamela Cranston.
  • London Wheelers – A chilled out team led by LFNS & London Skate marshal Mital Patel.
  • en-Doron-ce – The Latecomers Le Mans team, lead by the inimitable and implacable Doron!

In the Enduro category (5-person) are:

  • LondonSkaters Enduro – The LondonSkaters Speed Team fast Enduro entry. Watch these guys, they’re scorchingly fast and last year they scored a podium by taking third place in category. Led by Garan Jenkin, this year their sights are set higher.
  • The Dreggs – A fixture of many past Le Mans, the Dreggs are lead by team captain and LFNS lead marshal Markus T.

In the Duo category there are two teams consisting of past or present marshals & lead marshals of the LFNS and LondonSkate:

  • Lsst Duo II – George Puttner and Richard Holgate
  • Team Double Sk-Unt – Markus (Sparky) Raven and Steve (Quaddie) Schmitt

And finally this year there are two soloists, both of whom will also be well known to regular attendees of the LFNS & LondonSkate. It’s the Soloists who have it toughest at Le Mans and they’re the ones who could most do with your good wishes and support. Hats off to these guys, who many of our readers will know:

  • Ben all the Wai – Ben Wai: frequently seen in the role of LFNS & Sunday Stroll rear marshal, occasionally lead marshal. Ben is often one of the first people new skaters on the LFNS and Sunday Stroll get to know.
  • Rick Jay All Day – Rick Johnson: Accomplished long distance skater and frequent marshal and lead marshal of the Wednesday and Friday night skates.

We wish all Le Mans competitors good luck in the upcoming race. Stay upright, stay hydrated and give THAT HILL a thrashing on every lap guys. We look forward to hearing the tales of your legendary exploits!

Le Mans Calling!

News from our speedy friends over at LondonSkaters Speed Team: there are one or two spare places on LSST teams going to Le Mans!

The last weekend in June marks the time when UK based skaters migrate to France for the weekend to take part in the Le Mans 24 Hour Roller race. The race is a mix of recreational, speed and quad skaters in teams of ten, five, two or one (one! these skaters are crazy!). Teams whizz round the infamous Bugatti track, clocking up as many laps as their leggies will let them within 24 hours.

Don’t worry – before you think low-cut boots, 110mm wheels and lycra skinsuits not all LSST teams are uber-fast and competitive. This year they’ve even called one of the teams “LSST Chilled”.

If you fancy testing your skating skills on the Le Mans circuit at the end of the month and are looking for a place on a team please get in touch with or

Sunday Stroll on Andrew Marr’s Megacities

The first episode of Andrew Marr’s Megacities contained around two minutes of footage shot on the Sunday Stroll of 9th January 2011. Missed the show? It’s available for viewing on BBC iPlayer, footage of the Sunday Stroll begins at around the 53 minute mark.

If you’re looking for more information then you’ve come to the right place! The brief summary is that London has three weekly group street skates. All three skates are completely free to participate in and are run entirely by volunteers. Rules, starting locations, route maps and weather call information can be found at the links on this web site and on the LondonSkate web site (see below). All skates welcome both inline (rollerblade) and quad skaters. Please have a browse around and see what we have to offer!

* The Sunday Stroll takes place every Sunday at 2pm. It’s pitched at new skaters, but you’ll need about 8 hours practice before you’re ready to try it. Route and weather call information is posted at

* The LondonSkate takes place every Wednesday at 8pm during the summer. It’s pitched at intermediate skaters and sticks to main roads, with no sprints. Route and weather call information is posted at

* The London Friday Night Skate takes place every Friday at 8pm. It’s pitched at intermediate to advanced skaters. It may involve sprints, hills and sharp turns depending on the route. If you can complete a Wednesday you can complete a Friday, but keeping up at the front might be a challenge 😉 Route and weather call information is posted at

Looking for off-street skating options in London?

* Not yet ready for skating on the street? There is also an in-the-park option: the Easy Saturday Skate takes place on Saturday mornings entirely within the confines of Battersea Park. If you’re completely new to skating then check it out – it’s free!

* Or perhaps the LFNS is too slow for you? Check out the London Skaters Speed Team and have a go at club level track racing!

* Got quads? Want Derby? Check out the London Rollergirls!

Andrew Marr’s Megacities episode 1 featured a segment shot on the Sunday Stroll of 9th January 2011.

Memorial – Yat Yeung “Nemo” Tin

LFNS would like to acknowledge the passing of Yat Yeung “Nemo” Tin. Young Nemo was a regular at the informal roller hockey games which take place at the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park on fine Saturday afternoons. He was well known to many of the hockey players and to many participants of the LFNS, LondonSkate and Sunday Stroll. Tragically, Nemo was knocked down and killed by a coach near the Albert Hall while walking home from school last week.

LFNS would like to extend it’s sincere condolences to Nemo’s parents, family and friends.

Nemo’s parents have extended an invitation all his skater buddies to come and attend his funeral. It will be held at 14:00 on Wednesday 8th June 2011, at St Mary Abbots Parish Church in Kensington. If you’d like to go just show up, it means a lot to a parent to know their child was loved and will be missed.

Nemo, you will be missed.

St. Mary Abbots Parish Church, Kensington

Sunday Stroll on BBC One – Thursday!

Ooo! Ooo! The Sunday Stroll is gonna be on TV! In High Def! On BBC One!

Remember back in January the Sunday Stroll facilitated a documentary film crew riding in a pair of pedi-cabs? Well they were taking footage for a TV series entitled Andrew Marr’s Megacities. This week the producers of Megacities have been in touch to let us know the Sunday Stroll made the final cut of episode one! We’ve got a 2 minute segment near the end of the show. The producers seem to be quite excited about how it turned out and assure us it looks really good. We hope they’re right!

So cross your fingers with us, find a friend with a Freeview HD TV, set the TiVo, or get your iPlayer on. If you were with us last January your 15 seconds of fame is about to come up!

Episode one of Megacities goes to air this coming Thursday 2nd of June at 8pm on BBC One, linky link below!

Instructor Led Street Skating Course

If you’d like to improve your street skating skills in an instructor led environment Skatefresh are running their regular three session street skating course again in the coming weeks. The course is intended to provide a bridge between the park and getting out onto the street. Skills are workshopped in the safety of the park before heading out onto the street under instruction. Full price cost is £80, but it’s £60 to WoW readers. Do pls keep your WoW email.

21st May 2-4pm
28th May 2.30-4.30pm
11th June 2-4pm

All places must be booked in advance. For full details and to reserve your place please check the Skatefresh website or call Asha for details on 07712045133.

LondonSkate Facebook presence is moving!

LondonSkate, the Wednesday night skate, has established a new Facebook fan page and will soon be moving its Facebook presence there. If you’re a member of the existing LondonSkate group and want to keep in touch with LondonSkate via Facebook please “like” the LondonSkate Facebook fan page and start looking there instead of at the LondonSkate group for your LondonSkate info.

The new fan page is here:

This is happening because Facebook is changing the way groups work, as described here: Facebook’s advice to large groups like LondonSkate is to start using a Facebook fan page instead. The LondonSkate group will continue in parallel with the new fan page for a few more weeks, but group members are kindly asked to switch to the new page at their earliest convenience.

LondonSkate departs every Wednesday at 8pm from the Bandstand on Serpentine Road, Hyde Park from April to September.

Roll on Wednesdays!