Dave Peck, Our Friend, 1957-2011

June 28, 2011

We at LFNS try quite hard to keep our ramblings upbeat, tongue in cheek and a little humorous. Generally we do ok, but sometimes there’s a topic which makes that really difficult. This is one such.

Our friend, Dave Peck, is dead.

If you skate regularly with the LFNS then you may or may not know Dave by name, but you almost certainly know him. Dave was a very keen cyclist and was very active in the Twickenham Cycling Club (TCC). Through his love of cycling and his connection with Sol, one of the LFNS Lead Marshals, Dave in the past two years became one of the most frequent and recognizable music bike riders on the skate. He always wore his TCC skinsuit while riding with us, accompianied by a matching bandana and, almost invariably, his trademark good humoured and cheery smile.

Tragically, two weeks ago on a recreational group cycle ride from London to Paris, Dave’s bike suffered a major mechanical failure. He was thrown off and badly injured, passing away a few days later in the intensive care ward of Dreux hospital just outside Paris.

Dave was an incredibly good bloke. Always upbeat, always smiling. He contributed to LFNS not only in front of house by riding on a regular basis, but also behind the scenes through involvement in the day to day care, maintenance, setup and take-down of the music bike. He was a very valuable team member and is already greatly missed.

Dave’s body has not yet been repatriated to England, so his funeral arrangements are still tentative. The likely arrangements will be a service at Mortlake Crematorium at 4pm on Friday 8th July 2011, but this is not yet confirmed. Please check the LFNS Facebook wall and/or www.serpentineroad.com sometime next week for alteration or confirmation of this date and time.

Before then however there will be an LFNS this coming Friday 1st July 2011, and we’d like to do something to honour Dave. Dave’s life was characterized by, smiling, can-do-ness, cheery good humour and – let’s be honest – a bandanna to cover his rather admirably bald head.

THIS FRIDAY THEREFORE we humbly request that if you knew Dave and would like to honour his life, please come to the LFNS cheerful and wearing a bandanna of your own, with a smile underneath it. If you wear a helmet then tie a ribbon or wear a bandanna beneath it (we do, of course, recommend the wearing of helmets!). You may alternatively prefer a headband or backwards baseball cap. Anything headgear will do, but whatever happens, bring your smile.

We shall skate as vigorously and enthusiastically as ever this Friday, but will bring with us the spirit of a very good friend.

Dave Peck: https://www.lfns.co.uk/dave-peck-our-friend-1957-2011/.

3 thoughts on “Dave Peck, Our Friend, 1957-2011

  1. Hi

    I shared a house with Dave and another guy from his area in Cornwall, named Johnathan Heppel.
    We all became very good friends and although I have not seen Dave for a few years I remember him a truly exceptional person always going out of his way to help others. He used to be a very shy introvert person in the 80s but he obviously blossomed as is obvious from his involvement in the community. I spoke to Dave by phone last year. He modestly mentioned he was spending all his spare time cycling, but I had no idea how popular he had become until today when I searched for him on Google after the boatyard where he had worked told me the sad news of his fatal accident. RIP Dave I will remember you as a great bloke and reliable trustworthy friend Rol

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words.
    We have only just arrived home to find 70 emails and mountains of cards.
    People are so kind.
    We, his parents, did not really know about his involvement in skating but he clearly enjoyed his
    part in it.
    Annie and Quentin Peck

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