Dress Code: Black Tie, With Blood!

September 22, 2011

It cometh to our attention that many of thee are new this year. Novates. Virgins. Well perhaps not virgins. Innocents, nevertheless. Never before have ye rolled through the valley. Never before have ye felt the power of the dark, the dark draped with sparkly lacy things, gothic and depraved, piratic and demonic.

Learn it well then – the practical fact of things is that Halloween Skate is a dress up skate. Not your fluffy, pink, Easter Bunny Stroll sort of dress up skate. Not your unthreatening eclectic techno-folk Eurovision Song Contest sort of dress up skate. Not your sentimental, jolly, red, don’t-we-all-look-happy-dressed-alike Santa Skate sort of dress up skate. Ohhh no.

Forget your chocolately bunny ears, your banal tunes and your vomitous cheerful good will. Halloween is the witching hour. Halloween is the jagged razor edge. Night of mischief and mayhem, thumping tunes and dancing bodies. Ghouls and demons, nymphs and nerds, come all ye creatures of the night. Dress! Dress, come ye and skate!

Mwahaahahahaahhaaa ahaaaaaaaaha hahaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaa!!

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