Easter Eggstravaganza 2011!

April 20, 2011

Cribbins skaters! Easter Skate Bunny is out of bed and ready to go! The full Easter programme is available on the LFNS website but I shall nevertheless bore you by repeating some salient points here!

On Friday the Long Good Friday Night Skate starts at SEVEN PM!! That’s one hour earlier than usual!! It’s also three hours long instead of two. If you forget or cannot make the 7pm start you should be able to join at one of the breaks, which are:

7pm – Depart Hyde Park Corner
8pm – First break at Liverpool St
9pm – Second break at Paddington
10p – Finish back at Hyde Park Corner

On Saturday there will be lessons with Skatefresh in Hyde Park, see Easter programme for details…

BunnyStroll: On Sunday at 2pm The Easter Bunny Stroll runs in parallel with the Easter Baby Bunny Wobble. Participants are positively encouraged to dress their Easter best for both events. Show us your inner chicklet! Expose your chocolate heart! Reveal that provocative but empowering bunny outfit you’ve had hidden in the wardrobe since last year 😉

Egg & Spoon Race: On Sunday after 4pm will be the traditional chocolate Egg n Spoon races on Serpentine Road.

PARTY!! At 7pm we host our annual Easter Bunny Party at the Smithfield Tavern. The Smithfield will be putting on a veg curry for a couple of quid a bowl like they did for Halloween, so if you’re looking for food consider it!


And finally on Monday there will be the Easter Slalom Showdown, also on the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. Look for the cones with a crowd around them!

So it’s all go-go-go, let’s have a great weekend skating!


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