Sunday Stroll: Easter Fancy Dress Bunny Skate

2:00pm, 8th April 2012

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Trafalgar Square
Length: 7.5 miles.
Lead marshal: Roger
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: GO!
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Fluff up your feathers, polish your eggs and grab some ears. This week is our annual Easter Fancy Dress Bunny Skate. Rarely is so much effort given to looking so fabulous on a Sunday afternoon, this will truly be a day to remember. We start at our usual time, and after the skate we’ll be holding our free Egg and Spoon Race in Hyde Park, which in turn will be followed by our Easter Bunny Party. We couldn’t fit so much fun under one roof, so this year we’ll do it in the road!

4 thoughts on “Easter Fancy Dress Bunny Skate

  1. Thank you LFNS for a great Easter afternoon!

    It was great to hook up with friends and enjoy a skate with you. The smart outfits, thumping feel-good beats, and welcoming vibe made it a nice treat for the bank hols. I was expecting it, but the finale with front row seats and witness the spectacle of the egg-and-spoon races (nice one Margot!), girls v boys and chariot races was a marvel. It seemed like a day off on Monday was the icing on a very good weekend. Thanks to all involved for making it a party to remember.

    Btw, saw this and thought you might like: [youtube Y8m5QKARVAw]

    Happy London skating!

  2. Hi all,
    I would like to echo Beths comment above and as another virgin was also amazed at the marshalling and organisation.
    Unfortunately we didnt make it all the way but we will be back as soon as possible to see how far we get.
    We had a fantastic time and Love the photos!!


  3. Dear ALL Marshalls of Easter Bunny Skate.

    Many thanks for what you did yesterday. As a ‘virgin stroller’, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and marvelled at how seamlessly we speed through the streets of London (except for the traffic jam on Regent Street which thankfully was not our fault!).

    It was great being part of the ‘London thing’ which made residents and visitors stop and look. Perhaps not so during my unceremonious stack trying to negotiate the kerb from Trafalgar Square but ….

    You did a great job and I look forward to joining you in the next few weeks.

    Thanks once again.


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