LFNS: Fancy Footwork

12:00am, Friday 19th August 2011

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Ladbroke Grove
Length: 10 miles.
Lead marshal: Roger
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Completed

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This Friday the SkateLondon European Championships take place at Bay 66 near Ladbroke Grove. So this year, like so many before, we aim to spend half time as close as possible to the SkateLondon venue, and if we’re lucky, we might even get to see a short display of freestyle skating genius. Failing that, we’ll certainly have a fab time skating there and back on one of our most lovely routes along the Harrow Road.

And even if Harrow Road is not your cup of tea, this route also features the freshly resurfaced Elgin Avenue, a lovely gentle downhill on Ladbroke Grove, and the slightly more exciting downhill on Kensington Church Street, so do your wheels a favour and get on it.

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