First Tel Aviv Inline Marathon

May 6, 2010

They have skaters in Israel too it seems and word has reached WoW central that Tel Aviv skaters are hoping to run the first ever Tel Aviv inline marathon. They write:

“These days we are trying to promote the idea to hold the first Tel Aviv Inline Marathon as a part of the annual Tel Aviv Marathon. It became possible thanks to Mr. Moty Ambram, Head of municipal sports department, and his colleague Mr. Ofir Vagman, Director of Sports office. For such an event to be held we need the signatures of at least 350 skaters who consider participating. The marathon will be opened for the skaters from all over the world, of all ages and all levels.”

If you’d seriously consider taking part the petition to sign is here:

More detailed description and discussion is on the Israeli Rollers forum:

Happy skating!

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