LFNS Free Easter Skate Events 2015

LFNS Free Easter Skate Events



Easter Weekend Free Skate Events

3RD – 5TH April 2015

For the eighth year running the LFNS is pleased to announce the Easter Eggstravaganza weekend supported by Slick Willies skate shop.

The Easter Eggstravaganza is a themed family event taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. It is a fun, free event aimed at all levels of skaters from beginners to advanced, incorporating street-skating, freestyle and general mucking about. The event kicks off the summer season of skating, as well as encouraging new participants to try out this exciting, dynamic, and increasingly popular sport.

Last year’s events were attended by over 500 people of all ages, including international visitors and we are expecting more to join in this year.

Over the Easter Holiday weekend (3rd – 5th April 2015) we are planning 3 days of skating fun for all abilities and for all the family. The LFNS free Easter skate events schedule details are outlined below.

The Roller Bunny

– All events are free to attend.
– Gifts and raffles sponsored by Slick Willies.
– Do check back regularly for any last minute updates.
– In case of rain, the skate events will move to Monday.
– Come join the Easter party even if you don’t do the bunnyskate.
– All lessons and workshop donated by their respective instructors.



Friday 3rd April 2015

  • 7PM – The Long Good Friday Night Skate a fast-paced skate for intermediate to advanced skaters starting 1 hour earlier than usual at 7pm, from Wellington Arch (Hyde Park Corner). Three hours of skating goodness with two breaks.
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Saturday 4th April 2015

  • 10:30AM Easy Saturday Skate in Battersea Park. Meet by the Pagoda just past the children’s zoo.
  • This is a free family friendly and car free skating in Battersea Park every Saturday at 10:30am for 2 – 3 slow laps of Battersea park on wheels (rollerbladers, quaddies and skate boarders welcome). We then retire to the cafe for a coffee break.
  • This is a BEGINNERS group with the aim of introducing new skaters to the world of skating but there will be skilled skaters who look out and help those who need pointers so don’t be afraid to come join in the fun.


  • Free skating lessons with some of

  • London’s top skate instructors!

  • London Friday Night Skate & Sunday Stroll Easter Events 2015
    • Natalie Ujuk from Skatefreestyle.com ICP Slalom Instructor (ranked #1 in the UK in Freestyle Slalom)
    • Saturday 1:30 – 3:30PM Hyde Park (Serpentine Road) Free freestyle slalom workshop suitable for all levels whether you’ve been in and out of cones before or not.


    • Mike Van Erp from LondonSkaters.com is an IISA/ICP Level 2 Certified Instructor and LondonSkaters Speed Team coach.
    • Saturday 1:30 – 2:45PM (Royal Albert Memorial – Near Hyde Park) Turns master class Designed to get you turning and burning with several turning methods including the high performance lunge turn. It’ll finish with some agility and crossover work.
    • You can contact Mike and see his other lessons via his web site.
  • LFNS Easter Weekend Events Gifts

    • Saturday 3:30PM Hyde Park (Serpentine Road) our friend Germán London Skate Life Club who’s skills on skates are well known wants to take you by the hand to make you a skate tricks master. More details here…
    • Germán will show beginners and intermediate skaters how to execute some impressive tricks on wheels. If you’re interested in making tourists stop and point cameras in your direction when you do your thing, this is your workshop. It’ll include fun games, tricks and slides.
    • Urban Tricks with Germán for the intermediate and advanced skaters among you. Come and watch even if you’re unable to take part..
  • LFNS Easter Weekend Events Gifts

    Sunday Easter Skate Party

Sunday 5th April 2015 – Skate events will move to Monday at the same times if it rains

      • 2:00PM Hyde Park – The Easter BunnyStroll. A very slow-paced inclusive leisurely London street skate for beginner to intermediate skaters who can stop, turn and control their speed on a slight incline starting from Serpentine Road Hyde Park and ending in Hyde Park for the fun Easter games which will be followed by the skate Easter party. Dress your wicked Easter best and set out to impress!
      • 4:00PM Hyde Park – The sixth annual Easter Slalom Showdown featuring fun inclusive all level slalom and jump competitions suitable for beginners young and old. There will be some professional visiting slalomers this year showing us how it’s done. We are keen to join in and show off our stuff and ensure we own those champs as this is our tuff!
      • 5:00PM Hyde Park – Chocolate Egg & Spoon Races will follow the Slalom showdown. Do you know of any other competition that lets you eat the equipment? We’ll be giving away vouchers for skate lessons and other goodies to some lucky Egg & Spoon racers. Considering the fact that the youngest person to take part in this was about 3 years old, you have no excuse for not taking part AND no they’d never skate before.
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Easter Bunny Party – The party goes ahead rain or shine

        • 6:30PM – Midnight The Easter Bunny Party Free entry.
        • The Star Of Kings, 126 York Way, King’s Cross N1 0AX. Dance into the wee hours of Easter Monday. If you’ve ever been to one of our skate parties, we need not say more but if you haven’t for some odd reason, this is one skate party you won’t want to miss. We created a facebook event page LFNS Easter Weekend 2015 Events.
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        • Great Offers and Prizes to Be Won

        • Private Lessons & Discount Vouchers

        • LFNS Easter Weekend Events Gifts

          • Mike Van Erp from LondonSkaters.com is an IISA/ICP Level 2 Certified Instructor and LondonSkaters Speed Team coach.
          • Two private lesson vouchers up for grabs courtesy of Mike.
          • You can contact Mike and see his other lessons via his web site.


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        • Slick Willies Skate Shop – Several vouchers are up for grabs from our sponsors.
        • 1 x £150 shopping voucher
        • 2 x £50 shopping vouchers
        • 4 x £25 shopping vouchers
        • Read more about Slick Willies skate shop and contact them via their web site
        • Slick Willies Skate Shop



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