Special Event: Good Friday Skate

12:00am, Friday 22nd April 2011

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Liverpool St, Paddington
Length: 17 miles.
Lead marshal: DanB
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Completed

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Starts 7pm!

This Friday is Good Friday, so-called because we get the day off work. That means less rush hour traffic, which means we can start skating earlier, which makes it an ideal time to run the Circle Line Skate again. All of this is Good.

The Circle Line Skate is approximately 17 miles long. It starts from the usual Friday leaving point at Hyde Park Corner, one hour earlier than the usual time. 7pm. 19:00 hours. When the little hand points to 7 and the big hand points to 12. We will not return to collect unfortunates who get the time wrong, though you can catch us up (stops at Liverpool St and Paddington) if you hurry. So, tell your friends. Friday, 7pm, 17 miles. We expect to be back for 10pm as usual.

Please note: this is the Circle Line skate not the Tangent Line skate – we’re not going up to Hammersmith.

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