LFNS: Great Expectations (of smooth dry roads)

12:00am, Friday 14th May 2010

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Near London Bridge
Length: 12.5 miles.
Lead marshal: Edd
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Completed

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There may be Great expectations of this skate, but really it’s a tale of two cities, the north and the south. As we twist our way down into South London around where Dickens grew up, worked in a factory and where his father was imprisoned in a debtors prison we can see the battle of life that took place in this bleak house from a haunted man. However the chimes rang out and he Pickwicked himself over to North London where he lived and worked in the legal world whilst he wrote some of his more famous works. We attempt to retrace his life through London as long as there are smooth streets. Halftime is sadly not at the old curiosity shop, that’s saved for the second half only.

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