LFNS: Halloween II – Friday!

8:00pm, Friday 1st November 2013

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Trafalgar Square
Length: 11 miles.
Lead marshal: Kev
Asbox Transmitter: Pending
Skate status: Rained Off

halloweenFollowing the wash out of Saturday’s HalloweenSkate the marshals have lit some candles, drawn a pentagram, placed inside it a thimble of chicken’s blood, two used Compeeds and a rusty bearing case, and held a bit of a convocation with the spirits. The conclusion of all that has worked out thus…

We’re going to run the HalloweenSkate route this Friday, 1st November at 8pm. This means the Friday skate will be:

  • Shorter than normal.
  • Slower than normal.
  • A very tarty route, i.e. one which loops back and forth through the popular bits of town where lots of people will see us. Probably more than once.

Therefore, it’s a good route for new people, people wearing costumes (HINT!!) and people who like to be … watched.

We will not run a skate on Thursday as previously announced.

The reasoning was simply that Friday is as good as Thursday, but most of us can stay out later, we’re running a skate that night anyway and based on weather forecast neither Thursday or Friday are currently a clear winner. Therefore we’d like to change our mind early and get it out there, so people can plan, change plans, or curse us for changing plans, quicker.

We hope you’ll agree!

So come out on Friday, bring your Halloween best and skate with us through town. Together we can show off our skills to any who’s looking, and they won’t forget THAT in a hurry, that’s for sure.


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