Halloween Skate 2010 – That’s A Wrap!

November 3, 2010

WOW! Surely the best Halloween Skate ever!? A massive and manic turnout of be-costumed and blooded up skaters on a day of questionable weather.

Halloween Skate is a cooperative effort of many people involved in the LFNS and the LondonSkate. Both LFNS and LondonSkate are run entirely by volunteers and purely for the joy of skating.

A LOT of people contribute. Most readers are aware of the volunteer marshals who block traffic and facilitate the passage of the skate on its route. Most are aware of the volunteer bike riders and music backpack carriers. But less obvious are those who get the bike and music systems out for every skate they attend. And those who decorate the bike on special occasions and take it back home when the skate is done. Less obvious also are those who make the music mix. Who recharge the radios and make sure they’re delivered to the skate. Who liase with the Smithfield Tavern to organize the after party. Who donate their services as DJs, providing their own laptops and music mixing systems. Who update the websites, make the weather calls and communicate the whole thing to everyone who wants to know. It’s all done for the joy of having a skate, of having a great party, of having a great night out and for letting off a whole lot of steam. To all the volunteers who made Halloween Skate 2010, thank you.

Thanks also to all of you, the readers of WoW, the Facebook fans of LFNS and LondonSkate, the skaters who turned out to have a good time with us on Halloween Skate night. ALL the volunteers find it IMMENSELY gratifying to see the skates well attended and to see their efforts well appreciated. Thank you for your faith in us and in the weather last Saturday. Thank you for making a great night in the pub come alive.

Thanks also to the staff and management of the Smithfield Tavern who went to some effort to faciliate us and make the night worth remembering. If you didn’t notice the pub was decorated in Halloween style and all the staff were in fancy dress. Pumpkin curry and the pre-skate cloak room were much appreciated. Thanks guys!

It’s safe to say the earth moved for us. So how was it for you? We welcome feedback here and on Facebook.

AND so then Moriarty … until next year! Until we meet again! Put inside thy evil urges and store them up. Live the facade of respectability, but let thy urges brew. Let them harden. Let the dark grow strong in hiding. Husband thy dragons, bide thy time. One year from now shall dragons fly forth again. One year from now, at Halloween Skate 2011, on 29 October 2011. On that day shall darkness and dragons reign once more. But until then my dragons, sleep. Sleep and dream of fire!

Mwah haha hahahahahahahahaha ahaha ahahah ahaaahhaaaaa!!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Skate 2010 – That’s A Wrap!

  1. My first Halloween Skate and I loved every moment of it! Can only echo the words above about the amazing contribution of all the volunteers who made Saturday’s skate happen, plus all the other skates I’ve attended. Excellent fancy dress, music and company during the skate. And Nathan’s video really captures the fantastic atmosphere – look forward to seeing more vids and pics appearing soon. Thanks for a brilliant evening, and roll on many more great skates! 🙂

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