Halloween Skate 2011 – Thank You All!!

November 2, 2011

Massive, massive thanks to everyone who came out for Halloween Skate 2011 last night. Thank you to all the marshals, the sound crew, the DJ crew, the staff of the Smithfield Tavern and to all of you, our skaters who made so much wild and wonderful effort to bling-up and take part. You’re all deliciously, wonderfully, wickedly naughty, keep up the good wicked work!

If you have photos you’d like to share please upload them to our Facebook page or feel free to post album links on our wall. We welcome your contributions and your feedback!

If you liked last night and want more the next major costume skate will be the LondonSkate’s LondonSantaSkate 2011, on 17th December. If you’re in town we sincerely hope to see you there too!!

Until next year then, think black thoughts, wear black tights, practice thy maniacal cackle and prepare ye for the onslaught of All Hallows Eve 2012!!

Mwah ha aha haahaa haaa ahaaa ahaaaaaaa haaaaaa!!!!

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