Halloween Skate 2012!

September 16, 2012
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We don't bite...

Saturday, 27th October …

Thrice the black cab horn hath blared!

Thrice and once the blue-light wailed!

Richard cries ‘Tis time, ’tis time!

Round about the Serp we go;
Up and down the nightmare row
Gravel rash and grazed sting
Blistered feet and sweaty ming
In the gloaming evil glow
Shall the skate be called a “GO”?

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Lube your bearings with fresh blood
Filled with grit and other crud
In late October come and play
From 5pm on Sabbath day!
ASBOX boom and ASBOmb slay
Funeral dirge infuse the way
Fiendish tunes for charm and trouble
Firebrox for trouble double!

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Through the city whoop and shout
On wheels your wicked costumes flout
Robes of demons, priests and ghouls
Witches, pirates, vamps and fools!
Revelers in evil bling
All night long will shake their thing!
Nymphs shall play and DJs slay
Debauchery till end of day
Avail yourself of landlords foam
Then terrorize the night bus home!

Come thee under storm or starlight:

Smithfield Tavern until two,
Then maybe Fabric – just for you!

Rubble, rubble, oil and bubble;
Get your skates on at the double!

Make fast the frames and tight the bolts
Lace up taut against the jolts!

Harken, hear the wheels they hum
Something wicked this way comes!

Halloween Skate 2012 starts from 5.30pm (-ish … essentially we start once it gets dark enough) on Saturday October 27th on the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. Halloween Skate after party at the The Star Of Kings pub, 126 York Way Kings Cross London, N1 0AX, from 7.30-ish until 2am. Skater DJs will spin up tunes and there shall be dancing. Don’t forget the end of UK daylight savings leaves you an extra witching hour. In the event of bad weather the skate may move to Wednesday 31st, but the party will still be on Saturday. Check lfns.co.uk for weather updates closer to the time.

All you have to do is get your wicked on, so harken … this way … come!

Mwah ha hah hah hahhaha hahaaaaha ahaaaaa!!


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