Halloween Skate 2013!

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We don’t bite…

HALLOWEEN SKATE 2013 is coming! Get your wicked on and get ready to roll: There shall be shrieking! There shall be blood! There shall be layers of costume makeup, and a certain amount of eyeing up the hot vampire with the fishnet stockings if you know what we mean…

Yes Halloween Skate 2013 was supposed to swarm forth from the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park on Saturday 26th October 2013, but it rained. So now we’ll skate this Friday, 1st November from Hyde Park Corner at 8pm.

… we can fix all your problems …

Sadly if you missed the party on Saturday you’ll have to wait till next year, but we’ll probably go for drinks after the skate anyway.

Weather Contingency: The weather contingency skate will take place at 8pm Friday 1st November 2013 (not Thursday, as was previously announced). If the skate runs on the contingency date then the route will be altered so we return to the park.

Competitions: The costume competition is … over. If you missed it we’re sorry! It was on Saturday night at the party. This year’s prizes included a Sony Action Cam (one of those donated by Sony during the promotional skate they did with us in August), plus vouchers and T-shirts from Slick Willie’s Skate Shop.

Stuck for costume ideas? The LFNS Guide to Halloween Skate Dress Up! Got some good pics of last year? Message us in the comments below!

You can find Halloween Skate on Facebook here!

There’s no excuse, get your costumes sorted and prepare to meet your maker, your match, or your wickedly well dressed rear marshal, HalloweenSkate is coming soon!

Mwah ha ha ha. Mwah ha ha haaa! Mwah ha haa haaa haaa haaa haaaaaaaa!

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