Happy Solstice To YOU!

June 22, 2010

The longest days of the year are here. If you’re into skating in daylight until 10pm this week is the week to get out and join the LFNS on Friday or our good friends the LondonSkate on Wednesday.

This week’s LondonSkate route was Bridging The Town, which took in the long daylight views available from four of London’s Thames river bridges including the historic and iconic Tower Bridge. The evening peace was interrupted only by Saffy’s grumbling on the “hills”, by which the rest of us mean bridges.

And Friday’s LFNS will be a good chance for beginners to step up for the first time. The route will be run slower than usual in both halves, closer to Wednesday night speed. A good opportunity to overcome first-Friday nerves by plunging in. That, or a good chance to kick the LM in the backside since he won’t be that far in front.

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